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Quotes / Must Not Die a Virgin

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"Making sure I slept well. Keeping the fear away. Was that it? Is that why you came to me?"
Tig, Lady in Gil

"With all the bombs and the bird-flu
We're probably gonna be dead soon
And here we are in your bedroom
Oh, did I tell you, I love you, I love you, I love you?"
The Divine Comedy (2006), "To Die a Virgin" (which uses the above sound bite in the intro)

"Was she to die in this quest without being allowed to be a woman? Must she be only a warrior? Fight for everyone's happiness but her own?"

"I've been in the Circle since I was six. Six! For twenty years, I was locked up. Never had a real drink or cooked something for myself. Never stood in the rain or kissed a girl. I just wanted to live a little. [...] I just don't want to die a virgin."
Emile de Launcet, Dragon Age II

"My brilliant existence cut short; no time to explore the universe, no time to smell the roses, no time for... sex!"
EMH Mark II, Star Trek: Voyager, "Message in a Bottle"

"Have you ever read stories about people in falling airplanes? People who know their time's up so they do things...reckless things that they've always wanted to do? Well I've wanted to do this since I was a tomboy in pigtails."
Carol, Fallen Angels, "Tomorrow I Die".

"Do you know how old I am? 22 That's as old as I'm ever going to be. That's as old as I'm going to be when the captain gets us all blown to hell. He may get that tank - so what? What if he does? There's more. And even if we get to wherever we're going, you know what we're going to do? We're going to try and stop them coming off landing barges. We'll all be killed. And not one woman, between here and those barges. I've been lying to them, you know, talking big and all. I haven't done it. I've never been to bed with a girl. Never even seen one with her clothes off. I'm a boy now, and I'm going to die a boy."
Once Before I Die (1966)

Even as the autoguns of the air-marines roared a defiant challenge, Proton could not help thinking: was this the end of all that he held dear? Would he die without experiencing the mysterious pleasures of women? Would it be impertinent to ask Captain Janeway for a quickie?

I'll die without ever once having made love to Dev, she told herself, looking at the masked woman who was about to close on her again.

"Don't kill me! Don't kill me! I haven't had a woman yet!"
At Toon, Volunteers

"The world is ending, I have a child and I've never felt more humiliated in my life. You're going to take me to our room and remind me why I made the stupid decision to shack up with you in the first place."
Yang, White Sheep (RWBY), chapter 101

"Matt, I've been thinking... we could all be dead soon, so... shit I can't believe I'm saying this... you don't have to die a virgin."
"Can you call me Nyte Blayde?"
"Are you fucking serious?!"
"You still wanna have a go?"
"Oh what the hell..."
The Boss romancing Matt Miller, Saints Row IV


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