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Quotes / Madden Into Misanthropy

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"I was the happiest guy in the world, but fate likes to play a little game called 'Up Yours, Moe'."
Moe Szyslak, The Simpsons, "The Seemingly Never-Ending Story"

"I think there was probably a time where I... had joy. Where I experienced fleeting happiness, or...anger, or fear. But god it’s just been so long. Merle, I... I used to spend my days... considering the nature of time and existence. Maybe that brought me joy, once, but… unlike everybody else who ever thought about those questions, who ever pondered the meaning of it all, I—and you may find this hard to believe—I solved it, Merle. I saw the fullness of time. I—I pondered eternity and… was the first person, and only person to successfully visualize its treacherous arc. You’re a man of the cloth, Merle, certainly you’ve wondered too about what- what awaits our consciousness after death or—[he laughs] What am I saying? I’ve given a first hand experience, a few times in this very room! Perhaps for some people who think about it, there’s—there’s nothing but infinite oblivion. The—the eternal erasure of your consciousness. Or for—for some it’s eternal life in their God’s glorious kingdom, or eternal cycling through all the inhabitants of their world. Any of these options, Merle, any of them are just... erasure, or contentment, or revival, any of them are fine as abstract concepts. But eternally, Merle, eternally? You can’t possibly conceive of the length of eternity, Merle. I have. It’s maddening and hopeless, but it’s this burden we’re all saddled with from the moment of our creation. It’s a finish line that, by its definition, will never arrive. It stretches forever and ever, it’s... too ambivalent to even taunt those trapped behind it. It is the cruel price of existence, Merle, and it is too horrible to bear once you’ve seen it. Existence, Merle, life, Merle... is horrible. To exist, to live, is horrible."
John, The Adventure Zone: Balance, "The Stolen Century: Chapter Four"


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