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Quotes / Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

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War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.
Smedley Butler

The most heroic word in all languages is revolution.
Eugene V. Debs

Looking at the world as a whole, the drift for many decades has been not towards anarchy but towards the reimposition of slavery.

Together in Britain we have lit a flame that the ages shall not extinguish.
Oswald Mosley

Reclaim the Birthright
Motto of the Entente

Guard the Balance
Motto of Reichspakt

Break the Chains
Motto of the Internationale

Hounded day and night through the smoldering ruins of our nation's former glory, our cause seems long lost.
But we think back to 1776, to Washington, his army swept from New York and New Jersey by the Redcoats, only to return across the icy Delaware and against all odds deliver a glorious victory at Trenton. Our fathers fought on, and so shall we!
We will unite against these rebels, and return the rule of law to our great nation! We fight on! So rally to the flag, men, for our homes, our families, and our future, we will fight on, as our fathers did! We proclaim this sacred oath!
World of Kaiserreich - US Civil War - part 1 - USA

I saw US workers, fathers and sons, murdered in the streets by Rockefeller thugs. The American worker betrayed, shackled, enslaved. They believed they won the war on the workers of America but there was a spectre haunting the world and when chairman Reed returned from the victorious revolutions abroad, we knew our time had come.
The declaration of martial law would be the final insult to the underclass of this country. We rose up and the Chicago sun dawned on an army of a hundred thousand comrades under arms flying the scarlet banner of the revolution.
Go tell the ceasar and go tell the kingfish, the revolution is coming home! Break the chains! BREAK THE CHAINS!
World of Kaiserreich - US Civil War - Part 2 - CSA

We place our trust in Senator Long and his American Union Party. The Feds are shills for the Wall Street moneyman. The Syndicalists are radicals, rabid dogs frothing at the mouth, ready to tear this nation apart.
Huey Long is the only man wiling to defend our citizen's rights. The American Union State is not the best option. It is our only option. And we will fight until we are the last ones left. God willing, we will fight to give this country a future. I love America, son, but I love you more. And I will fight for an America were you are a citizen under the constitution, not a serf to Wall Street!
We march north as traitors, but we will COME HOME AS KINGS!
World of Kaiserreich - US Civil War - part 3 - AUS

They call us the Pacific States. We call ourselves the United States of America.
Like Cincinnatus, we will rise up when history calls on us and gladly throw down our weapons and return to the fields after war. Like Cincinnatus, we do not desire power. We desire life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! That phrase has not lost meaning on this side of the continent.
Free men of America!
Free men of the true America, we stand guard in the West. Let this be known. When the wolves of the East are done tearing each other's throats out...
We will march out and once again stretch the true American Republic from sea to shining sea!
World of Kaiserreich - US Civil War - part 4 - PSA

How can you have a One Party State in a nation with 250 different types of cheese?
Charles de Gaulle

The world has gone mad... but we can make it right again. We can go home again.
World of Kaiserreich - Dominion of Canada - part 1

This is Nicholas Faircrest and you're listening to Royalist Radio.
We come to you today with an important announcement. All regular programming has been cancelled. In his will, our late King George V stated this tape was to be played on the eve of Operation Reclamation.
Today is that day. We are going home.
God Save the King.
World of Kaiserreich - Dominion of Canada - part 2

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