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  • Returning a broken Russia, China and America to the superpower status they hold in our world is a challenging, but amazing feat nontheless. The player will have to fight numerous rival factions to achieve reunification and whatever alliance gets in the way, but the light at the end of the tunnel makes it worth it.
    • If you play as the USA you will be plagued with instability. Almost always it devolves to civil war. Imagine it, the North Midwest States are in revolt by a people who refuse to cooperate. The South East has seceded like the Confederacy of old. The Pacific States, losing faith the USA's stability have also left the Union as well as Hawaii. Canada and Mexico, sensing weakness, move to claim neighboring states that haven't left the Union. If you refuse to give them the territory, they'll likely declare war on you to get it anyway. And adding to that, foreign nations can and will offer support to all these factions. All in all, it looks like the country that so many fought to make is crashing down around them and is on it's last legs. And yet, if you built up enough earlier and can fight well and hard enough, you can win. It's not easy, and there will likely be times where you'll have to sacrifice a lot of land to concentrate your troops, but if you play things right, you can emerge victorious, saving the United States from a Civil war far worse than the one that actually happened.
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    • Before its retcon, averting the Civil War altogether. It was extremely difficult to pull off without knowing exactly what to do, but pull it off and you can successfully prevent a divided, radicalizing USA from falling apart to the same forces that are causing the rest of the world to slide into an even more devastating version of World War II. Or getting MacArthur, a proudly authoritarian ruler, to end his iron-fisted rule and willingly restore democracy. Sadly, the ability to do so was removed in the 0.9 update, before the unofficial submod "Custom Country Paths" reinstated it.
    • Russia meanwhile has had territories split off, some controlled by Germany and Japan, while the political situation at home is tense. A resurgent Russia can take literally any form of government and after a mass build up, can reclaim its lands and make itself a hegemon after its humiliation in the first Weltkrieg.
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    • The update for China is hyping the possibility for multiple factions and leaders to take on the role of reuniting China amidst a really complex web of alliances, warlords, factions within factions and foreign interventions. The road will be tedious, but a reunited China is all the possible.
      • Before its retcon, there was the ability to restore the Republic of China as the AOG, then taking down the warlords, Mongolia and the Fengtian Government, plus the Qing Empire, before finally achieving Sun Yat-sen's dream of a unified, democratic China.
  • Rebuilding the British Empire as Canada by retaking the Home Islands and recreating the United Kingdom, helping India defeat the Princely States and the Bharatiya Commune, retaking Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Falklands, and the Suez Canal, and then helping France defeat the Commune and retake Metropolitan France.
    • Then, in IV, taking advantage of events and focuses to annex New England, Alaska, and the Panama Canal.
    • And after that, taking down the last of the Internationale. Then taking down Reichspakt, getting revenge for the First World War (Not the Weltkreig, 'cause after you take down Germany, you're the victor, you get to decide what it's called)
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  • Germany being able to hold the line against the Syndicalists and then driving them home is generally impressive, but their next to inevitable face-off with Russia at the same time makes it a real ass-kicker if they succeed.
  • Maintaining democracy can be pretty cool. With all the societal collapse, authoritarian regimes, despotic colonialism and totalitarianism that occurs and can occur in Kaiserreich it can be pretty refreshing to see a stable democracy come out on top, be it a republic or a constitutional monarchy. Aside from the obvious example of the USA, taking Brazil's Democratic path can be pretty heartwarming since two of it's focuses are called "Democracy Maintained" and "Rule of Law Prevails" .
  • Driving the Germans out of Indochina as the Indochinese Union and achieving Ho Chi Minh's dream the same way the ROC can achieve Sun Yat Sen's. Then, if one chooses to go fight Siam, fending off the entire Co-Prosperity Sphere at once and winning. Heck, every bit of progress one makes as the Indochinese Union is a CMOA, as they start off in one of the weakest positions in the game by far.
  • If the Zhili Clique or the Federalists are driven from power and exiled to Sichuan, them using Sichuan as a power base with which to take over China, especially as Sichuan's early-game involves a violent civil war and a devastating famine.

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