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"My backpack's got jets."
MC Chris, Fett's Vette

Cat: Let's get into the jet-powered rocket pants and Junior Birdman the hell out of here!
Kryten: A brilliant and inventive suggestion, sir, with just two tiny drawbacks. A) We don't have any jet-powered rocket pants, and B) there's no such thing as jet-powered rocket pants outside the fictional serial "Robbie Rocketpants".
Cat: Well, that's put a crimp on an otherwise damn fine plan!
Red Dwarf, "Terrorform"

I'd take you up with me
At last we'd both be free
Past the Statue of Liberty
In my jetpack
Jill Sobule, "Jetpack"

"Thank you for purchasing a Bolide product," said a dulcet voice. "Before you use the DOA-88 Rocket Belt, I am legally required to inform you of the following hazards. Fuel will be expended after thirty seconds flight time. The exhaust stream can cause severe scalding to unprotected areas of the body. Lack of landing gear may result in lower leg injuries. There are no emergency bail-out systems in the event of a mid-flight malfunction. Use in combat areas will void warranty, as you will present an irresistible target for any ground-based opponent. Please state your verbal acceptance of these conditions to continue."

"Me, I wanna see how high I go! Jet pack all the way. Soaring above the clouds, free as a bird... And maybe I'll save a few lives or foil a few crimes. I'm the hero Inkopolis deserves."
Marie, Splatoon

"Greetings, Blarg imbeciles. If you are watching this infobot, you have been selected for the Beta trial of my latest invention... THE XK-81 JETPACK!!! Though initial testing had a few setbacks, I am happy to report that I worked out all of the kinks. Now you can use your XK-81 Jetpack to traverse the sky, giving you an advantage over those morons on the ground!"
Dr. Nefarious, Ratchet & Clank (2016)

On seeing the stormtroopers pursing them launch into the air with jetpacks...
C-3PO: (panicked) They fly now!
Finn: (incredulous) They fly now?!
Poe: (resigned) They fly now.

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