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"Well, the more you fight the closer you must be."

"Torres tells Janeway that if she picks the wrong Voyager then they will have a long time to debate it. Imagine that? Just Janeway and Torres in a shuttlecraft exploring the Delta Quadrant! Jettisoning Chakotay, Neelix, Harry Kim and the flying toilet lid in one swoop! If only…"
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Parallax"

Chris: Stryker tries to escape the facility and Wolverine cold-cocks him, stabs him in the kidneys, and starts demanding answers. Understandably, Stryker tells him he’s a bad person.
Matt: Seems like a fair reaction to being stabbed. Even so, he asks Wolverine to abandon his pals and come with him to learn all the answers about his past. What do you think those two would do together if they did run off? OH NO, CHRIS, I’M CREATING JACKMAN/COX FICTION AND NOT EVEN REALIZING IT!
Chris: I’m going to need your badge, gun, and Tumblr password, Matt. You’re too much of a risk right now.
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on X2: X-Men United

Spider-Man: I hate you, Deadpool.
Deadpool: I know you mean "love".

Barney: ... Wile E. Coyote wasn't trying to sleep with the Roadrunner.
Robin: Or maybe he was, think about it. The way that she bats her eyelashes and shakes her tail feathers in his face? She wants it.


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