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The fundamental problem Ryback has in the WWE is it's hard to be the freakishly strong guy on a roster full of freakishly strong guys. They've got The Big Show (who's just enormous), Mark Henry (strongest man in the world), John Cena (whose power comes from his superhuman heart - yes, that's sarcasm), Big E (former powerlifter), Brock Lesnar (who's like Ryback with a lot more talent), Batista (Hollywood strong), Antonio Cesaro (who sometimes treats the Great Khali like a rag doll), Sheamus (with his beer-fueled ginger strength) .. you get the point. It's hard to differentiate yourself as the so-much-stronger-than-everyone-else player with that kind of competition. No one gets to be the alpha strongman in the WWE. That is a constant battle. But in TNA that position is completely unfilled. Super-Mex is the only guy on the roster I'd even be inclined to classify as a power wrestler and when's the last time we saw him? TNA needs a brute. A physically dominant guy would go a long way in that company and I think Ryback's permanently consigned to the mid-card in the WWE. He'd be a very big fish in the TNA pond.

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