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Quagmire: Wow, Joe, how'd you pull that off?
Joe: I put in a call from the McDaniel's payphone while you guys were getting that 9-piece Chicken McFingers and those Diet Conks and those fresh fries.
Quagmire: Oh, come o--! T-They don't own french fries!
Family Guy, (a little later in) "Cool Hand Peter"

Bart: Which of these board lames shall we play? Taffy Land?
Milhouse: Drops and Risers?
Bart: Consternation.
Milhouse: Ravenous Ravenous Rhinos.
Bart: Mouse Catch.
Milhouse: Battle Boat.
Bart: Funopoly.
Milhouse: Crate of Apes.
Bart: Yahtzu.
Milhouse: Tiddlywonks.
(Bart then discovers "Devil's Path", a likely parody of "Jumanji")
The Simpsons, "Treehouse of Horror XXI"

And by the way, I'm not sure if you're familiar with the brand Harmin'? But, uh, the manufacturers of this particular toilet paper? No free rides.

Ernest: (carrying a large box) I found the Christmas Island toy stash!
Sherman: Nice going, Ernest!
Ernest: (places the box down and opens it up) Now, granted, they don't seem to be the brand-name toys that everyone's used to... they could be knock-offs for all I know.
(Ernest hands Fillmore a G.I. Joe knockoff from out of the box)
Fillmore: G.I. Moe?
Ernest: (holding a Slinky knockoff) Here's a "Slonky".

Simon: I was hungry! I needed my Joffo Cakes! See what I did there? Joffo cakes?
Lewis: It's not trademark-breaking if you don't spell it correctly.
Yogscast, Yogventures trailer.

By the way, what bar just advertises "Beer"? That's pretty generic isn't it? Oh, yeah! I’ve always been a fan of “Beer” beer! It’s almost as good as “Burger” burgers!

Dan Halen: Attention primitives: thy wait is over. I give you your very own Ballmart.
Granny: No no, the store is called Wal-
Dan Halen: Ballmart I said, Baaallmart!
Granny: Yeah, but you mean-
Dan Halen: Ballmart!

Maybe I'll make an actual Outrun art project, involving, shit, I don't know. Hotline Miami recreated entirely in web languages. But then I'll get striked by the copyright vultures, so I'll call it "Bob Lime Boob Slamming" or what have you.


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