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Another, darker shadow loomed from behind him. He was faintly surprised there wasn't a glowing red aura around Asuka.

Indeed, the pressure of the Gargoyle’s presence was palpable. Zeff had felt it as soon as he met her, but now it was on another level. Everything seemed heavier. Even breathing felt somehow more difficult. Was this really just the field density of her soul? Filling the air with pure willpower?
It was a warning, he knew. His own body was telling him. This person standing before him was not someone he should fight. This person was a monster.

"An Atum that burns particularly bright can actually be seen as an aura or ring of light, sometimes called a halo or animus. In those warriors or sages that have cultivated enough strength, it burns as a physical, smokeless flame across their body. The sage-kings of the First Conquest were said to have golden animus that wreathed their body in flames as bright and hot as molten metal, while leaving their skin and clothing unharmed. YISUN was said to have an aura which is called The Song of Maybe. According to legend, it burned at seven hundred million degrees, and when YISUN let it burn, it was so wide that it turned the tips of the branches of the trees that hold up the corners of creation to ash."
— – Sign of Kings, attr. Barnas, Priest of YS-Het circa 250 SC, Kill Six Billion Demons

"I am the Golden Rakshasa! It was neither my sword nor my Panzer Soldat which inspired this title. It was both this brilliant aura which shines around me and the ferocity with which I wage war!"
— Principal Aurelia Le Guin, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III