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Lord Burnham: You can't imagine the time and resources I've poured into the search for immortality. But all in vain. My time on this mortal coil grows short... and I know exactly what awaits me on the other side... thanks to this.
Mako: And why suffer the torments of hell when you can create your own private heaven, eh?
Lord Burnham: Exactly so. Which is where you come in, my friend. I upheld my side of the bargain. I gave you access to the Hell Mirror, and you have fueled your Muti magic with the agonies of the damned. Now it's time, as the saying goes, to pay the piper. This facility will keep the Soul Cage safe and secure as it houses my immortal soul, thus neatly bypassing any... infernal unpleasantness. But needless to say, I have no intention of spending eternity in an empty void. You will furnish the void with a palace of such opulence as to rival the fabled Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan himself, populated with houris to satisfy every proclivity and perversion... and then I shall kill myself. After transferring the mirror to yourself, of course.
Hellblazer: The Roots Of Coincidence

"We're preserving living minds in permanent form in the data cloud. It's like immortality, only fatal."

Michaelson: I'm a scientist, Mr Corelli... and I can make it possible for you to enjoy the dreams of your choice for as long as there is matter on this Earth. I can, to a large extent, give you power over death. Eternal happiness.
Corelli: What good are dreams to a dead man?
Michaelson: Your body is dying, your mind can be kept alive.
Tales from the Darkside, "A Choice Of Dreams"

Once he is part of the infinity circuit, an Eldar continues to exist forever. His psychic energy becomes one with the Craftworld's wraithbone core, and his individual consciousness remains as a potential within the infinity circuit. The infinity circuit is therefore far more than a power grid of energy: it is a place of refuge and eternal rest, from where the dead continue to watch over the living.
Warhammer 40,000: Codex - Eldar (2nd ed)

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