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Naveen: You have had quite an influence on me. Which is amazing because I have dated thousands of women and... Uh, no, like... Two? Three women! Just... other women. Anyway, you could not be more different from them, because you are practically... one of the guys! ... No, no, no! You are not a guy! Let me begin again... (trips) Ahhh, I am not myself tonight... TIANA! ... Sorry, that was loud. (sigh) This is a disaster...
Tiana: No — it's cute.

Twilight is such a dork but she's so cute it's adorkable.

SpongeBob: Who needs to be a lifeguard? I’m cool. (zoom into a geek-like looking SpongeBob) I’m every bit as cool as Larry. And if I’m not, let me be struck by... (thunder roars) ...a flying ice cream truck. (ice cream truck comes falling down) And live! (ice cream truck slows down and lands on top of SpongeBob)

Dracula: Do you like [Johnny]?
Mavis: What? *pfft* No. Come on, Dad. He's so weird and awkward. It's like, are you an idiot or do you know you're adorable?

Seth Brundle: Listen, Veronica...I've come here to say one magic word to you.
Veronica Quaife: Yeah?
Seth Brundle: Cheeseburger!

Somehow the sight of this timid second-year student fidgeting away is just too captivating.
—Character select screen for Kaori Senou, Saki PSP video game.

He's also a huge dork. Chicks dig that.
Natasha Romanoff, Avengers: Age of Ultron

I wish I could go back to middle school knowing what I know now. I'd be so cool. [Eager] And I'd get to retake all the tests, and update some book reports.
Detective Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Palutena: You'll need to move fast and get to her before she's done.
Pit: Absolutely, Lady Palutena!
Phosphora: "Absolutely, Lady Palutena!" You're such a yes-man, Pit. Good thing you're so cute.
Pit: You''re not just making fun of me now, are you?
Phosphora: Awww, you're turning red! That's even cuter!
Palutena: He embarrasses easily. Don't mind him.

Milo: Now what’s really amazing is that if you deconstruct Latin, overlaid it with a little Sumerian, throw in a dash of Thessalonian, you’d be getting close to their grammatical structure. Or at least in the same ballpark. Which is almost exactly like certain obscure offshoots of Chocktaw! Well, obviously using Greek pronunciation, but you get the point, proving once and for all, that Atlantean trade routes accessed the new world centuries before the Bronze Age! Take that, Mr. Harcourt!
Helga: Someone's having a good time..
Rourke: Like a kid at Christmas.

Lyndon: Come now. An oath shouldn't keep you from speaking to half of the people you meet.
Kormac: I speak to women all the time!
Lyndon: No. What you do is called mumbling—and sheepishly, at that.

The Doctor: "Science geek"? What's that mean?
Martha: It means you're obsessively enthusiastic about it.
The Doctor: [happily] Oh, okay!
Doctor Who, "The Lazarus Experiment"

Robertson: Look at this! "Keep out, danger of death"! You are not authorized to go in here!
The Doctor: Dude, I've all the authorization I ever need. [to Yaz, excitedly] I call people "dude" now!
Doctor Who, "Arachnids In the UK"


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