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Basic Trope: A stock joke about a family who goes to a talent agent and does a very lewd and/or scandalous act, which they call 'The Aristocrats'.

  • Straight: Alice and Bob, and their two kids Carol and Dave, go to see a talent agent (Edward). Edward initially rejects them because he considers family acts too cute, but Alice says to give them a chance. They then do an act that involves screwing one another, drinking pee, and all kinds of disgusting stuff. Edward asks what they call the act and Bob replies, "The Aristocrats".
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  • Exaggerated: They actually kill Dave, who is only six, and while doing the lewd things, they dress up in blackface and say all the slurs in the dictionary, and when they do the "drinking pee" part, they use actual pee!
  • Downplayed: This family's version of 'The Aristocrats' involves Alice and Bob having pretty normal sex but still explicitly, Carol hitting Dave in a pretty standard argument, and Dave wetting his pants.
  • Justified:
    • Alice and/or Bob have a grudge against the local aristocracy and wanted to prove a point.
    • The family heard the joke and wanted to act it out to gross out Edward.
  • Inverted: Alice and Bob's act involves saving lives and other noble acts, and they call it "The Common People".
  • Subverted: They do the nasty act, but when Edward asks what they call the act, Bob says, "The Most Shocking Act in the World".
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  • Double Subverted: "Just kidding. Its real name is The Aristocrats."
  • Parodied: Alice and Bob pretend to mate like cats, while Carol and Dave scratch each other and they pretend to bring dead animals inside and cough up hairballs. When Edward asks what they call the act, he replies "The Aristocats".
  • Zigzagged: The act consists of both tame and inappropriate things and Bob's not sure what to call it.
  • Averted: Alice, Bob, and their kids don't go to a talent agent, or if they do, they just do a normal act.
  • Enforced:
  • Lampshaded: "I know a lot of people think Aristocrats Are Evil, but that's going too far!".
  • Invoked: "Hey, let's do the 'Aristocrats' joke!".
  • Exploited:
  • Defied: "Eww, no way we're doing that!"
  • Discussed:
  • Conversed: "Here it comes, the 'Aristocrats' joke again..."
  • Implied: We don't see the act, but we see Bob declaring, "The Aristocrats!" and Edward looking shocked.
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  • Deconstructed:
  • Reconstructed:
  • Played for Laughs:
  • Played for Drama: Little Dave has trouble sleeping after remembering what his family did.

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