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Nightmare Fuel / There Will Be Blood

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  • Henry not dying straight away despite a bullet in the brain is pretty damn disturbing.
  • It's intriguing that most of the nightmare fuel comes from the soundtrack playing over what are mostly pastoral landscapes in West Texas. On multiple viewings, though, the nightmare fuel shifts to being Daniel Plainview himself.
  • Eli's exorcism ceremony would be laughable except for the fact that his parishioners are fanatically hanging on to his every word, making the scene really creepy.
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  • The entire last scene. No matter how much you dislike Eli, it's still very unnerving to watch him first be reduced to groveling and tears, then to be chased around by the obviously furious and likely insane Daniel, unable to escape the room, then being bludgeoned to death as he begs for mercy. Yikes.

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