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Nightmare Fuel / The Wild Thornberrys

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  • "Naimina Enkijio" pictured above may be the crowning example; it's quite infamous for scaring the pants off children. Not only that, but the forest and the legend are real. Some examples of the episode include: creepy wailing from a Ghost Girl constantly calling Eliza's name, Eliza seeing the Ghost Girl as her reflection in a swamp that supposedly grabs and drowns children, and the Eldritch Location atmosphere of said episode thanks to taking place in deep, dense, dark forest.
    • It's mitigated by the fact that she is shown helping Eliza escape the forest, calling out to her, and guiding her to Marianne, proving her to be an actual benevolent spirit.
  • Debbie's nightmare in "Dances with Dingoes". The method of inducing it is also fairly horrifying.
  • Nigel's slow almost-death from a poisonous fish. Similar deaths have happened many times.
  • The Reveal of what actually happened to Donnie's parents. They were straight-up murdered by poachers for rescuing an orangutan and her baby from them. You actually see the bastards advancing on the terrified couple while holding machetes...
  • In the episode "Blood Sisters" the guy posing as Dr. Spinoza was really creepy looking, especially that eye!
  • Kip O'Donnell's voice. The guy himself isn't that scary, but that voice!
  • Sloan and Bree from the movie. They start out seeming like a kindly couple of veterinarians, but halfway through the movie, Eliza finds out that they're actually the Evil Poachers who had previously kidnapped Tally the cheetah cub and then started plotting to kill a herd of elephants by scaring them into stampeding toward an electric fence. Perhaps the most terrifying part in the entire movie would be when Debbie shows up looking for Eliza. When she reveals her relation to her sister, Sloan starts strangling Debbie and holding her over the edge of a cliff while Bree restrains Eliza. Sloan offers Eliza a Sadistic Choice: Either she tells him how she knew of his plan (which she doesn't want to do, because Tally told her and revealing this will cause her to lose her powers) or watch as her sister is murdered right in front of her. Eliza is ultimately left with no choice but to reveal her secret.
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  • Normally, right at the end of the opening sequence, a map is shown indicating where the Thornberrys are, and it's always somewhere that has a name... except in "Thornberry Island", where the map zooms in on uncharted sea. As for the episode itself, the Thornberrys make landfall on an uncharted island... and accidentally trigger the comvee's "security mode", locking them out and leaving them stranded with no means of outside help in sight. They fortunately manage to make use of a lightning storm to short-circuit the security system, though.
  • "Operation Valentine" is Adult Fear to the max. No evil poachers or aggressive animals...just the family, a broken down comvee, a flat tire, miles of Australian wilderness, and Eliza's appendix is about to burst.
  • The sequence of Eliza falling prey to altitude sickness in "Nigel Knows Best", the surreality of Eliza's hallucinations as she succumbs to oxygen depravation is quite disturbing.

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