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Nightmare Fuel / The Taking

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The Taking, as a whole, runs on Nightmare Fuel from another planet.

  • The incident with the Sloans' mirror.
    • The tavern mirror, as well.
  • Molly's encounter with The Undead Harry Corrigan. Or so she thinks.
    • The whole scene from Corrigan's corpse in the bathtub with its brains blown out to the stairwell with gunshot marks in the walls despite it being too narrow to miss to the bedroom door torn clean off its hinges is very creepy. Then the lights go out and Corrigan's voice starts mocking Molly, then... well let's just say a little glowing rain doesn't sound so bad.
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  • The final broadcast from the ISS.
    Yimaman see noygel, see refacull, see nod a bah, see naytoss, retee fo sellos.
  • The doll in the tavern.
    All your babies will die.
  • The walking fungi colonies—bunches of spheres and sacs on insectile legs that issue eerily human cries. Then you find out that the spherical bladders hold the souls of the damned, and the sounds are coming from them.
  • The living house.
  • The zombies and bug monster in the church.
  • The Face Stealer aliens.
    • Their appearance and the girl's description of their abilities are frightening enough, but become downright terrifying in retrospect after The Reveal that they were demons from Hell itself.
  • How about that Axe-Crazy guy who was trying to save himself by performing Human Sacrifice on children and murdered their parents so he could do so?

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