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Nightmare Fuel / The Muppet Movie

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  • Doc Hopper's frog suit in his commercial is kind of creepy.
  • Also, the idea of Doc Hopper threatening Kermit and wanting to make him a frog burger is really unsettling.
    • Not only that, but Kermit's morally opposed to his restaurant for good reason. Even before Hopper wanted to kill Kermit, he was still trying to use him as a mascot for a company that sells fried frog legs, and doesn't even necessarily have to kill them to do it.
      Kermit: All I can see are millions of frogs on tiny crutches.
  • Professor Krassman's electronic cerebrectomy machine.
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  • Miss Piggy's wide angry eyes when she karate-chops the kidnappers— though it also has an air of Comical Angry Face.
  • It doesn't help when she's above them and says, "Oh, boys." When the camera pans up to her, she looks like a creature out of hell!
  • At his wits' end, Hopper finally hires a "specialist"- a creepy, pale man dressed in all black armed with a gun that shoots pitchforks.
    Doc Hopper: Boys, this is Snake Walker. Tell 'em what you do, Snake.

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