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Headscratchers / The Muppet Movie

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  • I know I shouldn't question Muppet Magic, but how is it that Miss Piggy's agent just happen to know where to reach her? This was before cell phones. The restaurant she and Kermit dine at can make sense, because she does mention to him that she placed a call to him beforehand, and probably told him he could probably reach her there, but what about when she and Kermit are abducted by Doc Hopper and his goons? How did he happen to reach her at Professor Krassman's laboratory?
    • Maybe he read the script?
  • Why does Kermit seem so much more reluctant to let Miss Piggy go to Hollywood with them than anyone else he meets? He invites all the other Muppets without a second thought (even those who decline or get left behind accidentally), but when Miss Piggy wants to go he acts inconvenienced. Granted, he was inviting her to get ice cream and she misunderstood him, but did it really surprise him that much that another aspiring entertainer would want to go to Hollywood?
    • Inviting yourself isn't a way to win friends.
    • So Kermit doesn't have any problem with, for example, inviting some random guy he literally just met (working for a crooked car salesman no less), but the moment someone instead asks him to come along, he freezes up?
    • Maybe Kermit was already picking up on Miss Piggy's Abhorrent Admirer status. She's not exactly shy with her opinions, and he likely knew that she could be distracting and, well, a ham.
  • Kermit says that they have to be at Lew Lord's office at 2 PM. Even if we fudge the timing and say that the confrontation in the ghost town was a little earlier than noon, can you really get from the desert to the heart of Hollywood in two hours?
    • And incidentally, wasn't the newspaper ad more of a general casting call for frogs? Isn't it more of a general "frogs are invited to visit Central Casting and audition" thing, not "show up at Lew Lord's office at 2 PM on such-and-such date?"
    • Yes, at the beginning of the movie the ad was a general casting call, but when the Electric Mayhem rescue them from the desert Dr. Teeth asks when they have to be there. Kermit says tomorrow at 2 PM. So there's a plot hole no matter which way you look at it.
  • Big Bird is seen in the finale among the other Muppets, yet earlier he said he was on his way to New York. If he was going to New York, how is he suddenly now in Hollywood?

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