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Lew Lord didn't give Kermit and the gang a show, but instead, permission to make a full-on audition pitch to see if they actually got the talent.
The movie is mainly focused on the journey to the dream instead of actively achieving the dream itself. Kermit's goal is in response to a classified ad he saw from Hollywood about a casting call for frogs, and he says more than once that he, and all his friends, need to audition. The road to stardom in entertainment is among the rockiest professions in any field, yet when they do reach Hollywood, Lew Lord, a respected and acclaimed Hollywood executive chairman, doesn't even see them audition- he gives them the "Standard Rich and Famous" contract after Kermit's single plead and that's it! Rather than give them a show without being certain they're valuable, maybe he simply made them sign a contract to make an audition tape, and maybe that's what they're trying to film in the sound stage number at the end. The rest of their journey up to getting their variety show greenlit is not covered in the movie, but it's safe to say that their audition tape was a success.
  • Maybe the movie within a movie is the audition tape.

The lady who pops up everytime someone says "myth" is actually named Myth.
  • IMDb and other unofficial sources do call her that, although more out of convenience.

Rainbow Connection is a song about a latent psyker hearing the call of the Chaos Gods.
It wouldn't be WMG without a 40k reference. And the lyrics are pretty damned ominous if you pay attention.

"I'm Going To Go Back There Someday" was really about Gonzo's home planet.
Read the lyrics and tell me you don't hear it...

Scooter wasn't a part of the events as they actually happened.
Scooter joined the Muppets in a early episode of The Muppet Show, yet this film has him join before the show is made. The reason being that this film is only "approximately what happened", and Scooter wasn't there during the actual events, they just gave him a role in the movie. This explains why he has such a small role in the film, and why he's the Electric Mayhem's road manager even though most of the time he's disconnected from them and they don't even have a road manager.

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