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Nightmare Fuel / The Many Dates of Danny Fenton

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    The Many Dates of Danny Fenton 
  • Phantasma's Phantom Father has no qualms attacking and even trying to destroy his daughters suitors. One has to admit that it is a good thing that it was Danny who faced him and not a regular human boy.
  • Katie Kaboom is an In-Universe example. Imagine a seemingly normal girl who has the ability to turn into a near unstoppable monster at the slightest provocation.
    • Danny being the object of Katie's desires is treated comically, but in hindsight it's rather terrifying. Katie is highly unaware of how monstrous she is when she transforms, being so tough that Danny did not such harm to her and so, when he encounters her again at the carnival, he's found himself suffocated by her. He even has a nightmare of being married to her, one against his will, and soon finds himself fathering 8 children, all of them with her powers. Spin-offs reveal Danny never opened up about his nightmare, and for good reason.
  • Tinker's leg injury is a large chunk of Adult Fear. Though an accident, the idea of your youngest child getting harmed by your oldest, or in Katie's case hurting her little brother, is terrifying. It was enough for Katie to recognize what she just did and it haunted her a long time.

    TMDDF: Danny and Kara 
  • Kara's kidnapping. Imagine that you are at home with your loved ones only for them to get abducted right in front of you and you are too helpless to stop it.

    TMDDF: After Many Dates: Danny and Kim 
  • The synthodrones invading Danny's home, replacing his family. After a long trip with his love, Danny expects to find his parents and tell them about Danielle, only to discover these inhuman things. Even worse is how similar they were that, if this were visual, would border on Uncanny Valley.
  • Thanatos, the self-proclaimed god of death. His first proper appearance involved him killing off all of Lorwardia, only for a vengeful Val-Yor to try to do him in for attacking his homeworld. Last Val-Yor is seen, a Neck Snap occurs. The next chapter confirms his end. Following that, Thanatos also ends Ma Vreedle's life from blasting her on the inside, and ends his first night on Earth wiping out most of Quahog. His ultimate plan is to murder Kim Possible in front of Danny Phantom and procure himself the power to become a deity. Even more horrifying is that he's revealed to be Dark Danny under that armor, trying to reinsert himself in the timeline. Just the idea that Danny still could've have become such a horrid monster was no doubt something that haunted him. He's fortunate he used the same power Dark Danny wanted to restore all the damage he caused.
  • Deadpool's actions are largely Played for Laughs but still, a deranged man who has no qualms with butchering people and making light about it is unsettling. Given that it's heavily implied Ed Wuncler III died of shock at Deadpool coming for him, on the toilet admittedly, reminds us it's a good thing the Merc with the Mouth is friends with Danny.

    TMDDF: After Many Dates: Danny and Makoto 
  • Danny and Ben being hit with dust that made them see their greatest fears. Danny saw his Ultimate Enemy, while Ben saw Malware, who he assumes is dead. It's not only horrifying enough they see these two, but it causes them to attack the Sailor Guardians, including their respective dates Makoto and Ami. Once it was done, seeing the damage they caused, including Ben hurting Ami, it terrified them that they could've killed innocent people they were close to.

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