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Awesome / The Many Dates of Danny Fenton

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  • Given that most of the girls Danny gets paired with are either Badass Normal, Supernatural or even Super Heroes themselves, one can expect some actions here and there.

     The Many Dates Of Danny Fenton 
  • Chapter 1 Prologue

  • Chapter 7: A Bewitching Evening
    • Sabrina, Danny, and Salem teaming up to get revenge on Vlad. To note, Sabrina disguises Danny and her as mice, disguises Salem as Vlad's cat, and the two trash Vlad's lab, leaving Vlad's ghost vultures holding the bag for the destruction.

  • Chapter 34: A little break part 5
    • After spending the entire day living in fear of Katie Kaboom, Danny finally stands up to her and calls her out on her. To clarify, Danny, without his powers and feeling genuine fear towards a girl who becomes a unstoppable monster that not even VLAD could take on, he flat out YELLS at her, ranting over the horrible, unacceptable things she has done and how he does not like her and the reason Danny managed to gain the courage to do this is because he had witnessed Katie accidentally injure her little brother during her rampage, which was the straw that broke the camels back. Even better, this was enough to stop Katie's rampage and leave.


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