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Quotes / The Many Dates of Danny Fenton

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Danny Phantom: Mermaids.... fairies.... ghosts.... robots..... man, this sure has been one strange dating service...
The Many Dates of Danny Fenton

Sam: You=Me=Love!...You both actually signed up for a service called "You=Me=Love"!?
TMDDF: Danny and Kara

Danny: I know who you are...
Thanatos: Took you long enough...
Danny: Yeah… I think… deep down… I always knew. I just didn't want to believe it. Whether I was too afraid or just too clueless, I don't know. But it answered all of it. Why you're so obsessed with destroying my life… why you hate me… why you hate the people in my life. My parents, my friends, Jazz... Danielle... and Kim! You hate them and brag about what you'll do to them! You know things about me no one else does! You know things no one else should! Only one person could know those things! We thought the M.R.M. was enhanced to show you visions or whatever, but Katie made me see that isn't the case. It's doing what it's supposed to! All this time, everyone was thinking you were either just some random ghost or an actual being of nothing… but we both know that's not true! That's not it at all! You don't just know about me… you're the only one who can know so much, and the only one who can see those memories he didn't have! So… step out of that armor! Take off that helmet! Show me the face behind that mask! So that I can see... if you still look like me
[A very familiar figure emerges from the armor]
Dark Danny: I was too subtle... But as I said from the beginning... This... no... I am your fate, Danny Phantom!
After Many Dates: Danny and Kim

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