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Awesome / The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo

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  • In the chapter titled "The Professor," Twilight bonds with, of all things, a ''Dalek'' (even going so far as to adopt it).
  • Fluttershy's chapter, where it's revealed that Fluttershy is the author of the Daring Do books. Her narrative is just as cool as the show's Daring Do.
    • After the episode that revealed Daring Do is real many fans of the fic commented that defender's idea was better. The author then wrote in another story that Daring in the show is a actress Fluttershy paid off purely so Rainbow never finds out Fluttershy is the author.
  • Rainbow Dash casually revealing that she dropped out of high school because, duh, she couldn't go to high school and Hoofard at the same time. Yeah - she has a doctorate in Weather Analysis and a minor in Aerodynamics.
    • Not only is this awesome in-story but awesome on a meta-level. After so many writers making Rainbow Dash an idiot the reviewers were giddy that defender2222 made Rainbow a secret genius.


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