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Nightmare Fuel / Session 9

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  • The recurring shot of the creepy, dark corridor with the wheelchair in it. Especially the first time we see it.
    Simon: Hello... Gordon.
  • Simon himself, the main villain of the movie. A demonic entity that possesses "the weak and the wounded" and encourages them to kill their friends and family. Not forces. Encourages.
    Doctor: Why did you [kill Mary's family], Simon?
    Mary Hobbes: Because Mary let me, Doc. They always do.
    • Simon's especially creepy because of his voice. Due to the age of the tapes the sessions were recorded on, it distorts every so often, making him seem even more alien.
    • The movie leaves it ambiguous whether Simon is real, or Mary and Gordon were already unstable and just snapped. This may actually be worse.
  • Hank walking through the Abandoned Hospital at night, happily stealing stuff. Then he starts hearing strange noises behind him, and something steps into the corridor...
    • Later, Jeff finds him standing in a stairwell. He's wearing sunglasses, his fingers are covered in blood, and all he can say is "What are you doing here?" in an eerily flat tone of voice. Creepy enough, but then we find out what happened to him... Gordon lobotomized him. The lobotomy pick's still sticking out of his face. At first glance, it even looks like Gordon jammed it into his eyesocket.
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  • The movie's final lines.
    Doctor: (on tape) And where do you live, Simon?
    Mary Hobbes: I live in the weak and the wounded... Doc.
  • The entire reveal that Gordon was behind the killings of his friends, especially when you take into account that Gordon was a normal guy who...just...snapped.
    • Gordon's walk through the hall as he sees the bodies of his dead friends, with shots revealing him as the killer, is pretty terrifying.
    • The full fledged reveal that Gordon killed his family. We don't see it unlike how we witnessed his murdering of his friends, but we hear it. We hear his wife acting calmly and happily to him coming home and attempting to make peace (as heard in the beginning), until hot water is spilled on him. And we hear... something done to her, his dog, and finally his infant daughter. The fact we don't see makes it more horrifying. Just what did Gordon do?
      • Add to the fact that he killed his wife, dog, and infant daughter before he started the job to begin with, probably giving more credibility to Simon taking hold of him.


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