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Nightmare Fuel / Scream 3

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Scream 3 may be considered the weakest of the series by most fans, but it still has a couple of scary scenes here or there.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

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  • Mixing with Paranoia Fuel, Ghostface in this film uses a voice changer to mimic ANY voice. Not only could Ghostface talk to people in other people's voices, but he could also sound like Maureen Prescott, someone that has been dead for several years at that point.
  • Steven Stone, Jennifer's bodyguard, walking out covered in blood after being stabbed and beaten by Ghostface, as seen above.
  • Despite how silly it looked, the killer continuing to run for Sidney while getting shot in the chest can be a scary concept. How would it feel if somebody wants someone dead and bullets aren't slowing him down?
  • Ghostface's methods of tormenting Sidney in this one are absolutely ruthless, to the point where they're a combination of this and a Tear Jerker. In particular, he dons a bloody white bedsheet, and taunts Sidney using the voice of her late mother.
    Maureen/Roman: Mother will protect you from the boogeyman. (Sidney sees a replica of Maureen's room, the bed stained with blood) What a nice room. I lied, Sid. I can't protect you at all. You don't deserve to be protected!
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  • Sidney's Nightmare Sequence, in which she's visited by an apparition of her mother, telling her that "everything [she] touch[es] dies". And then Maureen vanishes. And then Ghostface pops up and breaks the window.

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