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Nightmare Fuel / Scream 2

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I can understand now why less people are going to movie theaters these days.
When a sequel arrives, it's time to up the scares and the kills. Here's how Scream 2 delivered on that.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

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  • Randy being offed in broad daylight as oblivious college students pass by the shaking, blaring van he was stabbed in was quite disturbing.
    • That's not even the real nightmarish part. The real nightmare-inducing thing is just how utterly destroyed he was. There was absolutely NO REASON he had to go down like that. There Is No Kill Like Overkill indeed.
  • The opening in the movie theater. Jada Pinkett's acting may be over the top, but getting brutally stabbed while tons of people cheer is pretty horrifying. And that blood-curdling scream she gives before she dies...
    • The only good thing about that scene is that when the audience found out that she was actually dying, their faces went from being callous to being concerned. They thought it was a publicity stunt until later, but when they discovered it was an actual occurrence, it was too late to do anything. Imagine going through the same situation, but the audience knowing that it is not part of the show.
  • Sidney almost being killed onstage during her play rehearsal. Imagine feeling trapped on stage and almost being assaulted by an unknown person and it's believed to be part of the show?
    • The worst part is that it either happened or Sidney is just going insane from all the events she's endured.
  • Ghostface taunts Cici Cooper over the phone and when he rings a third time, no sooner has she said "hello", he jumps right out at her from a nearby closet door!
    • Also the way he quickly and quietly snuck into the sorority house unnoticed.
  • Officer Richards dies after having a large metal pipe go through his head. The sounds he makes are very unsettling as is the closeup of his head.

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