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Fridge Brillance

  • Why is Roman one of the most effective Ghostface? Most likely because he wasn't just the antagonist, he was the "director", in fact he is the "director" of the first murders directing Stu and Billy into killing.
  • Despite Randy's insistence that the killer would be supernatural in some way, the Scream series remains grounded in realism (as much as any slasher film can be, at any rate.) Despite that, they do manage to "have their cake and eat it too," introducing and subverting seemingly supernatural elements:
    • Sindey's dreams and "visions" about her mother: totally understandable given the amount of post-traumatic stress she's dealing with, as well as Roman deliberately guiding her to things that will be triggers for her, like the "Maureen Murder Flashback" set for Stab 3.
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    • Roman wears a bulletproof vest under his Ghostface costume, making him impervious to bullets. Bonus points since the movie treats bulletproof vests relatively realistically (both Sidney and Roman react to being shot, and the vest doesn't do so well against stabbing attacks, see below.)
    • Sidney "gets" Roman by stabbing him with a very ornate ice pick, recalling any number of magic/silver daggers. While the first two blows are in the back, she "finishes" him with a stab to the heart. The handle of the ice pick sticking out of his chest is reminiscent of the wooden stakes in many a vampire movie.
    • Finally, Dewey puts Roman down for good by shooting him in the head.

Fridge Horror

  • Had Tori Spelling and David Schwimmer remained on the cast of Stab 3, they would have suffered the same fate as the rest of their fellow actors, who all ended up dead. It's an even more harrowing thought if you put them in the shoes of their replacements during their death scenes: the actress who won the part of Sidney was stabbed multiple times and the actor who played Dewey was blown up along with the rest of Jennifer Jolie's house.

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