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Nightmare Fuel / Sabrina the Teenage Witch

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  • An early episode had Zelda and Hilda create a boyfriend for Sabrina to date, he was created out of 'Man Dough.' At the end of the episode, he rapidly expires, coughs out flour and then explodes into globs of dough off-screen. After the other characters leave, his human mouth suddenly reappears on a random blob and excitedly says 'Man, what a great night!' (An ingredient mix-up made him overly enthusiastic).
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  • One of the aunts off-handedly mentions an ex-boyfriend whom they gave a potion to make him a better listener. Cut to the guy in question waking up to discover that his entire head is covered with ears, and screaming in absolute terror.
  • Zelda mentions last time she taught a class, she wound up storming out. She wonders what happened to them. Cut to the classroom, where all the students are still there, most of them deceased, apart from two elderly survivors who are only now beginning to wonder if the professor forgot about them.
  • The possibilities of what would happen to Sabrina if she was exposed as a witch to mortals are thankfully left (mostly) to the imagination...
  • The lengths the Witches Council goes through to stop mortals and witches from marrying involves a curse that forbids half-mortal witches like Sabrina from ever seeing their mortal parents. The one time Sabrina was able to see her mom without worrying about it was after her powers were temporarily revoked. When the two did see each other, Sabrina's mom was turned into a ball of wax. And she was almost melted and killed before she was turned back to normal, only now she could never see Sabrina face to face again. It's honestly rather terrifying how far the head witches would go to stop inter-species marriages from happening.

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