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Episode recaps for the 1990s Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV series.

Season One

  1. Pilot: Sabrina Spellman turns 16 and realizes that she is a witch. To make matters worse, she accidentally turns the mean girl Libby Chessler into a pineapple.
  2. Bundt Friday: Sabrina learns that the truth hurts when Truth Sprinkles are used for a bundt cake during cooking class.
  3. The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie: To buy a real pair of roller-skates (since spells result in knock-off brands), Sabrina offers to babysit the neighbors' toddler son. However, she accidentally enchants him to grow up into a middle-aged man with the mind of a baby. Meanwhile, her aunts Hilda and Zelda attend parent-teacher conference night.
  4. Terrible Things: Sabrina helps others out with magic despite warnings from Salem and the aunts that doing so can lead to terrible things. And it does.
  5. A Halloween Story: Sabrina makes a duplicate of herself to send to Harvey's Halloween party while she attends a witches' Halloween dinner party and puts up with her troublesome younger cousin Amanda.
  6. Dream Date: Disappointed that Harvey is taken for the school dance, Sabrina settles for a boy made out of dough.
  7. Third Aunt from the Sun: In the first script written by Salem's voice actor Nick Bakay, hedonistic Aunt Vesta takes advantage of Sabrina's frustration with Hilda and Zelda.
  8. Magic Joel: A teen magician hires Sabrina to be his assistant for his vanishing act, only for her to make him invisible for real.
  9. Geek Like Me: To get back at Libby, Sabrina casts a spell that makes her become a nerd and eat some humble pie. But Libby still acts the same despite her new look.
  10. Sweet & Sour Victory: Sabrina uses magic on herself to make her a kung-fu expert and win a tournament. All this makes Sabrina's trophy call her a cheater, so she decides to redeem herself against the runner-up.
  11. A Girl and Her Cat: After ruining Sabrina's Christmas date with Harvey, Salem ends up trapped in the room of a young boy who refuses to let him go.
  12. Trial by Fury: Sabrina fails a math test set by the mean and unfair Mr Rockwell. When neither of her aunts can reason with him, a vengeance spell puts him on trial for being mean and unfair to his students.
  13. Jenny's Non-Dream: Jenny comes over to the Spellmans for a sleepover but ends up in the Other Realm. Things only get worse when she runs into Drell.
  14. Sabrina Through the Looking Glass: Sabrina has a bad mood so goes through her mirror to escape from everyone. Unfortunately she ends up trapped on the other side where her bad mood has spread to everyone around her.
  15. Hilda and Zelda: the Teenage Years: Sabrina wants to attend a midnight autograph signing by the Violent Femmes but her aunts aren't keen. As a compromise they turn themselves into teenagers to supervise her but it turns out they aren't as mature as they think they are.
  16. Mars Attracts!: The Spellmans head to a ski resort on Mars for a weekend vacation but Sabrina meets a boy who puts her relationship with Harvey to the test.
  17. First Kiss: It's Valentine's Day but Sabrina discovers a witch's first kiss with a mortal will turn him into a frog.
  18. Sweet Charity: Sabrina, Harvey and Jenny visit an old folks home as part of a charity program. Sabrina bonds with a kindly old lady called Nana, only for things to turn sour when Libby shows up.
  19. Cat Showdown: Sabrina enters Salem in a cat show, only to discover one of the other contestants is blackmailing the judge into making their cat the winner.
  20. Meeting Dad's Girlfriend: Ted Spellman pays Sabrina and her aunts a visit but things become tricky when his new girlfriend Gail comes into the picture.
  21. As Westbridge Turns: Sabrina wishes her life was more like the soap operas she sees on TV. She gets her wish with a can of worms but discovers a soap opera life isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  22. The Great Mistake: Sabrina tries to sneak out via vacuum cleaner, only to end up being pulled over by Other Realm cops while flying. Due to her feeling small, Hilda and Zelda try to make her feel better by telling her about their mistakes over the years.
  23. The Crucible: Sabrina's class go a reconstruction of puritan era Salem and roleplay as puritan townsfolk until Libby and her friends accuse Jenny and Sabrina of being witches.
  24. Troll Bridge: Sabrina employs a troll to find her missing biology notes, only to end up bring forced into marrying him.

Season Two

  • 1. Sabrina Gets Her License: Part 1: On her seventeenth birthday, Sabrina discovers she must now study in order to get her witch's license. Unfortunately her first attempt to pass goes predictably sideways.
  • 2. Sabrina Gets Her License: Part 2: Sabrina is forced to attend witch camp while a school dance takes place. After the second test, Sabrina discovers she will be tested over and over, and it puts a strain on her relationship with Harvey.
  • 3. Dummy for Love: Mr Kraft falls for Hilda but she finds him repulsive. When Sabrina sets up a date between them, she uses some quick magic to turn Hilda into a dummy.
  • 4. Dante's Inferno: Hilda and Zelda set Sabrina up with Dante but when he visits the Mortal Realm, he refuses to stop using his magic, with horrific results for Harvey.
  • 5. A Doll's Story: Sabrina offers to babysit her cousin Amanda while Hilda and Zelda visit an Other Realm spa. Unfortunately Amanda is predictably bratty and turns Sabrina into a doll.
  • 6. Sabrina, the Teenage Boy: Wanting to know more about how boys think, Sabrina drinks a boy brew that temporarily turns her into one.
  • 7. A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It: Sabrina throws a Halloween party for her entire class, only for the predictable magical mishaps of the Other Realm to interfere and send the party into chaos.
  • 8. Inna-Gadda-Sabrina: Sabrina makes a time ball that turns her surroundings into the 1960s. Unfortunately Salem eats it and the Spellmans end up stuck there.
  • 9. Witch Trash: Sabrina, Harvey and Valerie are trapped inside the house after the Spellmans' hillbilly cousins seal them inside in the hopes of claiming the magic book.
  • 10. To Tell a Mortal: On Friday 13th, Sabrina has the chance to tell her friends she is a witch. Unfortunately Libby overhears the conversation and reveals Sabrina's secret to everyone.
  • 11. Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves: Sabrina is limited to incantations by her Quizmaster but with her wording being too general, each spell she casts goes unbelievably wrong.
  • 12. Sabrina Claus: Sabrina has a big case of egotitus, causing her to conjure things from others. With a little help from Bob (Santa Claus), she overcomes it to make sure everyone gets a happy Christmas.
  • 13. Little Big Kraft: In order to make Mr Kraft understand what it is like to be a teenager, Sabrina brews a potion to age him down. Unfortunately, there's a good reason you don't mix the potion with caffeine.
  • 14. Five Easy Pieces of Libby: Sabrina and Libby are forced to work together on a float for the school parade. Some magical mishaps later and Sabrina finds she has to learn more about Libby to turn her back from being a jigsaw puzzle.
  • 15. Finger Lickin' Flu: Sabrina contracts the finger flu, which leads to even more mishaps than usual due to her finger being stuffed up and sneezing out magic. Then Mrs Quick catches her magic.
  • 16. Sabrina and the Beanstalk: Sabrina attempts to cast a motivation spell with some magical jumping beans. Unfortunately this results in a three hundred foot beanstalk in the back yard. To make matters worse, Harvey ends up at the top of it, at the mercy of the Wicked Witch.
  • 17. The Equalizer: In her attempts to help Valerie score a date with her new crush Ken, Sabrina falls afoul of Roland, who has taken up the role of an equalizer to even things out in the universe.
  • 18. The Band Episode: To win the school's battle of the bands competition, Sabrina brews up some talent to make her, Valerie and Harvey good musicians. Unfortunately the fame and popularity soon gets to their heads and ruins their friendship.
  • 19. When Teens Collide: Sabrina and Libby collide in the hallway as sunspots cause havoc in the Spellmans' lives. The collision results in Libby becoming sweet to the point of saccharine and Sabrina plotting to take over the world.
  • 20. My Nightmare, the Car: Sabrina and Valerie long for a car but their first attempt at owning one is a disaster. Then Sabrina buys one from the Other Realm, one that literally has a mind of its own, with disastrous results.
  • 21. Fear Strikes Up a Conversation: Sabrina is terrified of having to read out a math essay during assembly so she casts a spell to remove her fear. Unfortunately her fear gets loose and begins to prey on her classmates and teachers.
  • 22. Quiz Show: Sabrina complains to a random stranger about her Quizmaster while preparing for her elements test. The stranger turns out to be his boss who revokes his assignment, leaving Sabrina under Hilda's tutelage.
  • 23. Disney World: The Quizmaster arranges for Sabrina's class to visit Disney World in Florida so she can gather the ingredients she needs for a potion. Unfortunately, Valerie unwittingly grabs it and accidently turns herself and Libby into zebras.
  • 24. Sabrina's Choice: After Sabrina pits her aunts against each other one too many times, Hilda decides to move out. Unfortunately the Witches' Council decides she should only reside in one household, a decision that will affect the rest of her life.
  • 25. Rumor Mill: For her Other Realm Community Service, Sabrina takes the easy way out and signs up for the Rumour Mill. Unfortunately, rumours started in the Other Realm become truths in the Mortal Realm.
  • 26. Mom vs. Magic: As Mother's Day approaches, Sabrina decides to write her mother a letter. Unfortunately, the Witches' Council decides she must choose between being a witch and seeing her mother ever again.

Season Three

  • 1. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Season Opener
  • 2. Boy Was My Face Red
  • 3. Suspicious Minds
  • 4. The Pom Pom Incident
  • 5. Pancake Madness
  • 6. Good Will Haunting
  • 7. You Bet Your Family
  • 8. And the Sabrina Goes to...
  • 9. Nobody Nose Libby Like Sabrina Nose Libby
  • 10. Sabrina and the Beast
  • 11. Christmas Amnesia
  • 12. Whose So-Called Life Is It Anyway?
  • 13. What Price Harvey?
  • 14. Mrs. Kraft
  • 15. Sabrina and the Pirates
  • 16. Sabrina the Matchmaker
  • 17. Salem, the Boy
  • 18. Sabrina, the Teenage Writer
  • 19. The Big Sleep
  • 20. Sabrina's Pen Pal
  • 21. Sabrina's Real World
  • 22. The Long and Winding Short Cut
  • 23. Sabrina the Sandman
  • 24. Silent Movie
  • 25. The Good, The Bad and the Luau

Season Four

  • 1. No Place Like Home
  • 2. Dream a Little Dreama Me
  • 3. Jealousy
  • 4. Little Orphan Hilda
  • 5. Spoiled Rotten
  • 6. Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace
  • 7. Prelude to a Kiss
  • 8. Aging, Not So Gracefully
  • 9. Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry
  • 10. Ice Station Sabrina
  • 11. Salem and Juliette
  • 12. Sabrina, Nipping at Your Nose
  • 13. Now You See Her, Now You Don't
  • 14. Super Hero
  • 15. Love in Bloom
  • 16. Welcome Back, Duke
  • 17. Salem's Daughter
  • 18. Dreama the Mouse
  • 19. The Wild, Wild Witch
  • 20. She's Baaaack!
  • 21. The Four Faces of Sabrina
  • 22. The End of an Era

Season Five

  • 1. Every Witch Way But Loose
  • 2. Double Time
  • 3. Heart of the Matter
  • 4. You Can't Twin
  • 5. House of Pi's
  • 6. The Halloween Scene
  • 7. Welcome, Traveler
  • 8. Some of My Best Friends Are Half-Mortal
  • 9. Lost at C
  • 10. Sabrina's Perfect Christmas
  • 11. My Best Shot
  • 12. Tick-Tock Hilda's Clock
  • 13. Sabrina's New Roommate
  • 14. Making the Grade
  • 15. Love Is a Many Complicated Thing
  • 16. Sabrina, the Muse
  • 17. Beach Blanket Bizarro
  • 18. Witchright Hall
  • 19. Sabrina, the Activist
  • 20. Do You See What I See?
  • 21. Sabrina's Got Spirit
  • 22. Finally!

Season Six

  • 1. Really Big Season Opener
  • 2. Sabrina's Date With Destiny
  • 3. What's News
  • 4. Murder on the Halloween Express
  • 5. The Gift of Gab
  • 6. Thin Ice
  • 7. Hex, Lies, and No Video Tape
  • 8. Humble Pie
  • 9. A Birthday Witch
  • 10. Deliver Us from E-Mail
  • 11. Cloud Ten
  • 12. Sabrina and the Candidate
  • 13. I Think I Love You
  • 14. The Arrangement
  • 15. Time After Time
  • 16. Sabrina and the Kiss
  • 17. The Competition
  • 18. I, Busybody
  • 19. Guilty!
  • 20. The Whole Ball of Wax
  • 21. Driving Mr. Goodman
  • 22. I Fall to Pieces

Season Seven

  • 1. Total Sabrina Live: Part 2
  • 2. The Big Head
  • 3. Call Me Crazy
  • 4. Shift Happens
  • 5. Free Sabrina
  • 6. Sabrina Unplugged
  • 7. Witch Way Out
  • 8. Bada-Ping
  • 9. It's a Hot, Hot, Hot Christmas
  • 10. Ping Ping a Song
  • 11. The Lyin', the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • 12. In Sabrina We Trust
  • 13. Sabrina in Wonderland
  • 14. Present Perfect
  • 15. Cirque du Sabrina
  • 16. Getting to Nose You
  • 17. Romance Looming
  • 18. Spellmanian Slip
  • 19. You Slay Me
  • 20. A Fish Tale
  • 21. What a Witch Wants
  • 22. Soul Mates