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  • Sabrina standing up to her oh so bitchy Great Aunt Irma, the Evil Matriarch of the Spellman Family everyone is deathly afraid of, after she both ruined her birthday and then turned her aunts and Salem into pigs. Irma's so impressed she decides that Sabrina may one day be the new head of the family.
  • Mrs. Quick delivering a lecture to Mr. Kraft on why he's such a worm for how he treats the students and sucks up to the school board. She then orders Kraft to include football players and cheerleaders among the students who have to work in the cafeteria until they find a new lunch lady. Kraft is at first appalled until she puts her foot down. The episode ends with Libby bemoaning as she has to serve food.
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  • A relatively small one in the Field Trip episode "The Crucible", where Mrs. Hecht assigns that while they're visiting the reenacted village Salem and pretend to be townspeople, the students are given their envelopes. Each envelope either says "Townsperson" or "Witch", and they must hide if they are a witch or not. By the end of the episode, the teacher sums up how the assignment was a lesson in human psychology, and people's tendency to single someone out as a scapegoat. When Harvey asks her who had the "witch" card, she says all their envelopes said "Townsperson" and gives this sobering quote: "I didn't create the witches, you did." The entire class is left speechless. This is a very deep message for a sitcom about teenage witches and magic.
  • During the first episode of Season 4, Sabrina goes to live with her father in Paris. Hilda and Zelda are both miserable, but it's Salem who misses her enough to call up some old friends of his and start a civil war on Pluto so that Sabrina's father will be called away and she'll have to come home. Zelda was so impressed that instead of turning him in, she fries him up a thick salmon filet.
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  • Sabrina's father has one in his very first appearance as he breaks up an argument between Hilda and Zelda using only his "special" voice. Do note that Sabrina's father was played by Robby Benson and that special voice? The voice of the beast!
  • Hilda and Zelda pulling an Engineered Public Confession on Sabrina's prejudiced boyfriend in "Some Of My Best Friends Are Half-Mortal" by disguising themselves and revealing he's just as bigoted against half-mortals as his parents are by listening to him exchange a half-mortal joke while Sabrina's in earshot.
    • Falls into Heartwarming - Hilda and Zelda evidently know these jokes, but don't use them or believe in that kind of thing because their own family has a half-mortal in it. Because they love Sabrina, they're better than they would have been.
  • Two occur in the later season episode where Sabrina, Morgan, and Roxy have to deal with an intolerably high strung neighbor who has Roxy arrested for supposedly defacing his car.
    • Sabrina finally gets over her problem with confrontations and arrives at the hearing in time to explain what an utter nightmare the neighbor is after he tried to paint Roxy out as a menace to society.
    • The judge then dismisses the case and tells the guy he can't go around nagging everyone about every single thing they do, alongside the fact he had no concrete proof Roxy's the one who defaced his car when he brought the issue to trial. The judge even adds she would've done it if she had to live next door to someone as unpleasant as him.

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