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Tear Jerker / Sabrina the Teenage Witch

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  • The Season 6 episode "The Whole Ball of Wax", at the end when it looked like Sabrina's mom died from being next to an iron.
  • Season 5's Christmas Episode really makes you feel sorry for Morgan when you see what Christmas is like with her family. Initially seeming perfect, it turns out they fight a lot and her father shows no appreciation for the gift she went to a lot of effort to get. It turns out that Morgan invited Sabrina along because she hoped her family would be nicer with a friend around.
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  • Season 2's finale "Mom vs Magic". Sabrina has to choose between giving up her powers or seeing her mother again. We first see a fun montage of Sabrina using her magic, but it's a flashback of her mother that easily makes up Sabrina's mind.
  • You do have to feel a little sorry for the aunts in the Season 5 premiere when Sabrina gets to move into the dorm. Their reactions aren't Played for Laughs and they realise they have to let their niece move out.
  • The Season 6 finale when after Sabrina and Zelda split Hilda up with her fiance, Hilda literally turns to stone and shatters because he was her soul mate.
  • Although Played for Laughs, Zelda's flashback in the Friday the 13th episode. She told her best friend she was a witch and they initially had fun - but then the friend told everyone else in the village. They're seen ducking her down a well, blaming her for the crops failing. The Reset Button meant that no one remembered the next day, but Zelda still did.
    "To this day I don't care for swimming."
    • To a lesser extent, Hilda did the same thing by telling Sigmund Freud, whom she was dating, that she was a witch. He had her taken away as if she were crazy.
  • In Season 7, Harvey and Sabrina had been broken up for a while, and his reasons at the time were that Sabrina had used magic on him without his consent, since they were in high school. Harvey after a while forgave Sabrina, and wants to get back together with her after she accepts her boyfriend Aaron's marriage proposal. He happily comes when Salem invites him to Sabrina's engagement party, oblivious to how Sabrina is frantically running around and on the verge of tears. When Sabrina later looks into her own heart, she's forced to confront that Harvey broke it badly, and that she made a giant room for him while Aaron only got a pedestal.
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  • There is also the implication that Aaron's mother has gone My Beloved Smother and chased away all his previous fiances. Despite people not like Aaron, that has got to hurt for a guy like him.

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