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Nightmare Fuel / Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

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Never mess with time if you don't want to pay the price!

  • Considering the sequel is an even Darker and Edgier continuation of the first game, you can guess the horrors are worse. For starters, the Prince has been hounded for seven years straight by The Dahaka, a shadowy Super-Persistent Predator Time Monster who wants to kill the Prince for messing up time by preventing his and Farah's deaths and is virtually impossible to kill unless you're near a body of water and all it takes it one good attack from it to finish you. Not to mention it speaks in reverse text, can appear anywhere on land, and moves in Flash Step despite moving in an Unflinching Walk, creating some pretty haunting chase scenes.
    • The Dahaka and most of the escape sequences involving him, especially when he decides to appear out of absolutely nowhere and proceeds to relentlessly hunt the Prince, causing the walls to shake, the floor to crumble and tentacles to sprout from everywhere. If he catches up (or you just can't get far enough from him in time) you're treated to the sight of the Dahaka ensnaring the Prince and dissolving him in a whirl of darkness. The moment in the Catacombs in particular is probably the worse, walking around the tomb knowing that the creature is there too and ready to pop out from anywhere to destroy you.
    • Even worse is when it gets angry or if damaged somehow, it becomes even more monstrous with glowing red eyes and various flailing tentacles that kill whatever they touch.
    • Wonder why the Dahaka scares the Prince so much in Warrior Within? Because not even in his signature ability to rewind time is he safe from it. This is because you can only understand what the Dahaka is saying when he rewinds time.
  • In Warrior Within, it's pretty obvious that the enemies are all made of sand, and the game doesn't really shy away from it. However, when you consider that both Shahdee and Kaileena turned into sand when they died, it makes you start to wonder... are you the only true living thing on the island?
    • Except everyone on the island is living... well, in some twisted way. Unlike Sand creatures from Sands of Time, they actually have free will. Now how about the real horror - power source for Prince's medallion?
  • The Prince becoming the Sand Wraith is pretty disturbing in-story judging by how painful the transformation is and gameplay wise after putting on the Mask of the Wraith. Putting it on transforms the Prince into a shadowy creature, allowing him to exist at the same time as his past self and change his fate, and even regenerates the Sands of Time. This comes as the cost of perpetual health drain, and being unable to change back until the Prince's past self has died. The Prince has to literally cause and watch his own death by the Dahaka in order to have a chance of continuing the game. Even worse is the Prince already saw himself as the Sand Wraith being killed by the Dahaka, meaning he has to technically watch himself die twice.
    • This cutscene of the Prince wearing the Mask and transforming into the Sand Wraith. For some reason, it can remind you of classic monster horror transformations in films, especially with the constant flashes, screaming, and sudden movements. There's also quite a bit of a Jump Scare when the Wraith opens its blue eyes, followed by a shriek.
  • Even worse is that no matter what you do, the game ends with the Prince returning home to find his kingdom being destroyed and burning to the ground.