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Nightmare Fuel / Prince of Persia

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  • The story of the Sands of Time saga is as adventurous as it is monstrous, since it involves an inexperienced warrior prince fighting against an army of eldritch abominations he unleashed as well some of the most hazardous risks of messing with time travel. Several enemies are already mutated by the sand in hideous ways, with most of them also growling with inhuman sounds.
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  • The act of seeing the Prince getting pierced by spikes, flattened by pistons or sliced by moving blades. The countless traps of the Death Course all throughout is not one for the faint of heart. The first continuity, especially the first game, makes it bloody red, which is jarring in a 1989 game. In certain versions, the saws literally split the Prince in half with one hit. While the Sands of Time saga toned down the blood, the gore is still there.


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