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Awesome / Prince of Persia

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  • Moment of Awesome: If you played the games, you'll cheer every time Dastan pulls a stunt lifted from them (there's even a brief wall run). They also managed to make such stunts look not too unrealistic most of the time.
    • Seso's knife-fight (which has been described as a "gunfight with knives") with the Hassansin in the Dagger of Time's chamber is probably the most widely-agreed-upon CMOA for the movie.
  • Most of the one-on-one duels in the 2008 game will have The Prince just utterly overpowering his opponents at some point in the fight. Keep in mind that these are all dark-empowered mystic beings that are much larger than the Prince himself. One of the better ones involves the Prince headbutting the Mourning King into submission. The Mourning King is a seven foot tall fully and heavily armored knight with an especially ornate and imposing helmet.
  • Awesome Music: The trailer music - "Blade Blade (or Black Blade)" by Two Steps from Hell.
    • And the movie's soundtrack too, since it was composed by Harry Gregsson-Williams.
    • Hell the entire soundtrack of the Sands of Time trilogy is awesome.
  • The released sands of time come for him. What does sharman do? Pull out his sword and slice away at the waves before they overwhelm him

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