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Forgotten Sands (360/PS3)

  • Everything the Prince says in the Astrolabe chambers.

Sands of Time

  • Any time the Prince talks to himself. Which is constantly. (And with occasional Lampshading.)
    The Prince: Finding my way to the baths from here should be easy. I'll just ask the next sand creature that I see. "Excuse me, could you direct me to the baths, please? Thank you." "Don't mention it, I used to be bath attendant back when I was alive"... (imitating Farah) "I'll meet you at the baths." She orders me around as if I was a servant! It's my own fault. With women, you have to show them you're in charge right from the start, or they'll walk all over you! I've been too indulgent. Probably because I felt sorry for her. Well, it stops now! From now on, she'll have to toe the line... that is, assuming I can find her.
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  • Shortly afterwards...
    The Prince: (imitating Farah again) "Oh, have you been waiting here all this time? I didn't realize you meant these baths! I went to the other baths, clear across the other side of the city. I had a lovely wash and a rub with fragrant oils. Too bad you weren't there..." (beat) STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF!
  • While the Prince is fighting bats and finding light puzzles in the Hall of Learning, Farah comes across a few tidbits on the bookshelf:
    Farah: [reading a poem] "If you want to live, die in love. Die in love if you want to stay alive."
    The Prince: [confused] What's that supposed to mean?!
    Farah: I thought you might like it. I found it in a book of love poems.
    The Prince: [sarcastically] Well, if you're so smart, you should try to find a book on how to get us out of here!!
    Farah: This isn't that kind of game.
    The Prince: [to himself] Game? She thinks this is a GAME?!
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  • As the Prince and Farah are leaving the observatory:
    Farah: Look, a crack!
    The Prince: Wait, let's see where this corridor goes.
    [the corridor's numerous wall-mounted blades, spiked pillars, and swinging logs activate]
    The Prince: All right, you can take the crack.
  • While the bridge collapsing and the Prince falling into the prison isn't funny, the fact that a rock lands on him as he tries to get up like something out of Looney Tunes is.
  • When the Prince and Farah start heading for the elevator, Farah goes there first.
    The Prince: [following her] Farah, look out!
    Farah: Not everything is a trap, you know.
    [after a few seconds, the elevator starts going up]
    Farah: That was easy!
    The Prince: Too easy.
    [after a few more seconds, more sand creatures start appearing]
    The Prince: [gets a "Here We Go Again!" look and mimicks Farah in sarcasm] "You know, not everything is a trap!" [they start fighting]
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  • At the end where the Prince - forgetting that because the events of the game technically never happened she has no memory of falling in love with him - passionately kisses Farah, who pushes him away indignantly. Turned into a Funny Moment when he rewinds time with the dagger to erase this mistake.
  • The Vizier sees his Evil Plan fall apart and is on the verge of a Villainous Breakdown - when all you did was to just complete the intro level.

Warrior Within

The Two Thrones

  • The first time that the Prince is controlled by the Dark Prince temporarily, and the Dark Prince's voice tells him he is transformed into "something rather unique":
    Dark Prince: [voice] Think of it this way: you have been given a gift. You are stronger, faster...
    The Prince: Uglier.
    Dark Prince: [chiding him] Now, now...
    • And when the Prince touches the water for the first time and returns to normal:
      The Prince: [to himself] It has gone now. Water seems to fight this corruption. [to the Dark Prince] Why did you hide this from me?
      Dark Prince: What, and ruin all the fun?
  • At another time when the Dark Prince controls the Prince as he fights across the streets:
    Dark Prince: [voice] Onward and upwards, Prince. Hurry to the palace and reclaim your throne.
    The Prince: I'm moving as fast as I can. What do you suggest - that I grow wings and fly?
    Dark Prince: One can always dream.
    • And when the Prince returns to normal by the water and takes a few moments to recover:
      Dark Prince: Did you fall asleep? Wasting time makes me very angry, can we go now?
  • The Dark Prince provides some Black Comedy when Klompa grabs the Prince:
    Dark Prince: Ooh, I think he wants a kiss. [Klompa tosses the Prince across the arena] Guess not.
  • The Dark Prince's sarcastic comments whenever the Prince meets Farah. Even funnier the first time when, after hearing tales from the Prince, she readies her bow and arrow, seemingly to aim at the Prince (her aim is actually at the guard coming behind to attack him).
    Dark Prince: [deadpan] See? Now she's going to kill us.
    • And when she sees that the Prince has the Dagger of Time:
      Farah: The Dagger of Time! How did you come to possess that?
      Dark Prince: [exacerbated sigh] Here We Go Again!.
    • When both the Prince and Farah see the now-transformed Vizier (known as Zurvan):
      Farah: What! What is that thing?
      The Prince: It is the Vizier!
      Farah: [appalled] What has happened to him?
      The Prince: Something terrible.
      Dark Prince: [sarcastic] Something wonderful!
    • When the Prince becomes the Dark Prince for the first time after allying with Farah:
    The Prince: I cannot let Farah see me like this!
    Dark Prince: What, afraid she'll prefer the new you?
    The Prince: Charred skin, glowing eyes, melted face? I'm sure it'll be love at first sight.
  • The lever scene with Farah. When he finally gets the platform to come close to her and she jumps across:
    Farah: Do you think you could move a little faster?
    The Prince: You are more than welcome to come down here and try it yourself. [makes an Aside Glance and mutters to himself] Seven years and still nothing's changed.
    Farah: [confused] Seven years? What are you talking about?
    The Prince: [improvising] It's, uh... a figure of speech!
    Farah: There is something very odd about you.
    Dark Prince: [chuckles] She has no idea.
    • And when he brings the second platform to her to cross:
      The Prince: Ah, we are making progress.
      Farah: I think I see a bell in the tower. Perhaps if you can get me to the next balcony I can sever its rope; you can use it to access the door switch.
      The Prince: With my luck, it will probably trigger some terrible trap. Or summon Sand Monsters. Or bring about the end of the world!
      Farah: Would it kill you to show a little optimism?
      The Prince: Experience has taught me wishful thinking only leads to disappointment.
  • The conversation with the Prince and Farah at the elevator:
    Farah: What is your favorite color?
    The Prince: [confused] Color?
    Farah: Shall I repeat the question?
    The Prince: [beat] Blue.
    Dark Prince: [in disgust] Blue?! That's not my favorite color!
    The Prince: What is the point of this?
    Farah: Must every conversation we have be so serious? I know so little about you.
    The Prince: Very well. Then what is your favorite food?
    Farah: The pomegranate, of course.
    The Prince: I do not like pomegranates.
    Farah: [laughs a bit] What is wrong with you?
    The Prince: They are messy, impossible to eat with dignity. So much work for a few seeds.
    Farah: [chuckles again] But is it not the effort that makes them that much sweeter?
    Dark Prince: [unamused] I think I am going to be sick.
  • During the time the Dark Prince has control of the Prince's body in the Well of Ancestors, the former taunts and trolls the latter about water. He keeps on taunting as the Prince advances on, all the while gaining enough Sands to sustain him:
    Dark Prince: Tick tock, Prince, tick tock.

    Dark Prince: Feeling thirsty, feeling dry? Oh, am I distracting you?

    Dark Prince: Time is precious, time is fleeting, time is ... something you have too little of.

    Dark Prince: Oh, would you like a drink?
    • This is made funnier in Jon880's walkthough novelization with the narrating response to the Dark Prince's latter taunt:
      "What [the Prince] would like was silence to concentrate."

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