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Funny / Prince of Persia (2008)

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  • Nearly every idle chat between the Prince and Elika.
  • Special mention goes to when the Prince interrupts their urgent quest to challenge Elika to a game of I Spy.
    Prince: Want to play a game? Come on! It'll be fun.
    Elika: The world's about to end and you want to play a game?
    Prince: Might as well die happy!
    Elika: Grass.
    Prince: No.
    Elika: Rock.
    Prince: No.
    Elika: This is a stupid game.
    Prince: Want another go?
    Elika: No. (Beat)...Path.
    Prince: No.
    Elika: This is impossible!
    Prince: S.
    Elika: Are you still playing that game?
    Prince: S!
    Prince: Your turn.
    Elika: For what? ...(sighs)...C.
    Prince: Corruption.
    Elika: Yes, can we go on?
    Prince: S.
    Elika: Sky again.
    Prince: Now you're getting it.
    Elika: You picked sky again?
    Prince: No, but you're getting a hang out of the rules!
    Elika: Thanks. They're so complex I was worried they might evade me.
    Prince: S.
    Elika: Scar.
    Prince: No.
    Elika: Scarrrr-f?
    Prince: No.
    Elika: Shrine?
    Prince: A-ha! ...No.
    Elika: I give up.
    Prince: Sssssoulless follower of Ahriman!
    Elika: I am amazed no one threw you overboard on your sea trips.
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  • Sometimes, Elika also brings the snark:
    Prince: That's a nice blouse.
    Elika: I think I have a spare if you'd like it.
  • However, the Prince is not to be outdone.
    Elika: We have to cross over there!
    Prince: Sure, climb on the roof. It's not like gravity ever killed anyone.
  • This conversation:
    Prince: Hey, you're cute, but not 'stay to fight a dark god' cute.
    Elika: Would you have helped my father if he had asked you?
    Prince: He's not that cute, either.
  • Elika and the Prince surely love to Get The Crap Past The Radar:
    Elika: Wow. With you as a measuring stick, that really makes me a saint.
    Prince: Oh, come on, I've helped old ladies home from the market.
    Elika: If they had attractive daughters.
    Prince: Yeah. I helped them, too.
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  • When chasing the Hunter:
    Elika: Just be patient. Patience brings rewards.
    Prince: So, does walking into a harem covered in chocolate.
  • The Prince about the evil god:
    Prince: You had to pick this religion? You couldn't have picked one where the all the evil creatures were...I don't know... slightly angry sheep?
  • In the windmill:
    Prince: You know, I once thought about settling down, milling flour for a living...
    Elika: Really?
    Prince: Ha, are you kidding? How boring would that be?
  • The Prince lampshading the fact that their destination is, as always, the most inconvenient place.
    Prince: Nice tower. I'd say it's from the ominous and forbidding school of architecture.
    Elika: The fertile ground is...
    Prince: At the top of the tower. Well, they wouldn't put it on the ground floor, would they?
  • Before climbing up a tower:
    Prince: I'll go first. But hey, no staring at my ass. I've felt you looking.
    Elika: I thought you lost your ass?
    Prince: Donkey.
    (And then Elika actually stares at his ass.)
    Prince: I can feel you looking!
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  • The Prince imitating the Hunter, which is a ugly monster after all.

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