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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.


  • The game handwaves Game Over and continues by having the Prince, who is narrating the game events, get confused and backpedal on his story. So one must assume he narrated along the lines of, "And then I tripped and fell into the spikes..." before correcting himself.
  • Any time the Prince talks to himself. Which is constantly (And with occasional Lampshading). Throughout the game, an increasingly frustrated Prince begins repeatedly talking to himself about either the adventure, how bossy Farah is or both. Its exceedingly charming how many of his spoke inner monologues are, and at one point he even outright asks himself why he's talking to himself. Its almost like he's aware that he's losing it.
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  • The kicker is when Farah curtly tells him they'll have to meet at the palace baths.
    The Prince: Finding my way to the baths from here should be easy. I'll just ask the next sand creature that I see. "Excuse me, could you direct me to the baths, please? Thank you." "Don't mention it, I used to be bath attendant back when I was alive"... (imitating Farah) "I'll meet you at the baths." She orders me around as if I was a servant! It's my own fault. With women, you have to show them you're in charge right from the start, or they'll walk all over you! I've been too indulgent. Probably because I felt sorry for her. Well, it stops now! From now on, she'll have to toe the line... that is, assuming I can find her.
  • Shortly afterwards...
    The Prince: (imitating Farah again) "Oh, have you been waiting here all this time? I didn't realize you meant these baths! I went to the other baths, clear across the other side of the city. I had a lovely wash and a rub with fragrant oils. Too bad you weren't there..." (Beat) STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF!
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  • While the Prince is fighting bats and finding light puzzles in the Hall of Learning, Farah comes across a few tidbits on the bookshelf:
    Farah: [reading a poem] "If you want to live, die in love. Die in love if you want to stay alive."
    The Prince: [confused] What's that supposed to mean?!
    Farah: I thought you might like it. I found it in a book of love poems.
    The Prince: [sarcastically] Well, if you're so smart, you should try to find a book on how to get us out of here!!
    Farah: This isn't that kind of game.
    The Prince: [to himself] Game? She thinks this is a GAME?!
  • As the Prince and Farah are leaving the observatory:
    Farah: Look, a crack!
    The Prince: Wait, let's see where this corridor goes.
    [the corridor's numerous wall-mounted blades, spiked pillars, and swinging logs activate]
    The Prince: All right, you can take the crack.
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  • While the bridge collapsing and the Prince falling into the prison isn't funny, the fact that a rock lands on him as he tries to get up like something out of Looney Tunes is.
  • When the Prince and Farah start heading for the elevator, Farah goes there first.
    The Prince: [following her] Farah, look out!
    Farah: Not everything is a trap, you know.
    [after a few seconds, the elevator starts going up]
    Farah: That was easy!
    The Prince: Too easy.
    [after a few more seconds, more sand creatures start appearing]
    The Prince: [gets a "Here We Go Again!" look and mimicks Farah in sarcasm] "You know, not everything is a trap!" [they start fighting]
  • At the end where the Prince - forgetting that because the events of the game technically never happened she has no memory of falling in love with him - passionately kisses Farah, who pushes him away indignantly. Turned into a Funny Moment when he rewinds time with the dagger to erase this mistake.
  • The Vizier sees his Evil Plan fall apart and is on the verge of a Villainous Breakdown - when all you did was to just complete the intro level.


  • When Dastan tries using one of his men's crossbow bolts to climb the wall into the city, and he nearly gets hit by one of said bolts.
    Bis: (gives the man a look) Have you been drinking?!
  • Two words: Ostrich racing.
    • Sheik Amar is made of this trope.
    Amar: No matter how good a promoter you are. You can't organize an ostrich race... with just one ostrich!!
    • Amar's reasons for not paying his taxes.
    Amar: Tch, secret government killing activity! That's why I don't pay taxes!
    • Another classic Sheik Amar line:
    "Oh great, a knife-thrower with a conscience!"
    • This bit with Sheik Amar:
    Amar: The new king has offered a reward for [Dastan's] capture that, between you and me, frankly borders on the obscene. I'd trade in my own mother for that kind of gold.
    Amar: What? Hey, you don't know what she was like!
  • There's this really great scene when Sheik Amar demonstrates his "courage" hiding behind a cage of clucking chickens.
    Amar: Shut up! Shut up!
  • When Tamina uses her connections to get Dastan and herself some disguises, and Dastan is forced to carry a really "large" man around on his chair.
    Dastan: [clearly straining under the weight] Couldn't you have found somebody lighter?!
  • After Dastan fails trying to perform a difficult backflip.
    Dastan: The third step is the hardest!
  • Tus and Dastan discuss Dastan's need to give a gift to their father. A gift which is currently missing...
    Tus: You do have a gift to honor him with?
    Dastan: Of course. (looks over to Bis) Bis gift! 
    Bis: (looks up confused) What?
    Dastan: ...It's been momentarily misplaced.
  • One word, Outtakes!
  • After Dastan presents Tamina to Sharaman and requests that he order her to marry Tus (as Tus requested he do). Sharaman decides Dastan should be the lucky man instead. Poor Dastan is left speechless and wide-eyed, but his father? Not so much.
    Sharaman: He plunges into a hundred foes without thought, but before marriage he stands frozen with fear! And there are those who say he is not yet wise!


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