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Nightmare Fuel / Naked Lunch

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The Book

  • It's a non-stop surrealist train wreck of a book filled with disturbing imagery related to sex, drugs, violence, and human cruelty.
    • "Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk?"
    • Perhaps the scariest thing is the notion that anyone might end up this way if they were made desperate enough.
    • The book's cover as shown on the main page is quite a disturbing thing.
  • Dr. Benway mentions a method of torture he devised called the "Switchboard". Drills are clamped against the victim's teeth, and the victim is then tasked with making connections on an arbitrary switchboard in response to colored lights and bells. Making a mistake or missing a connection turns the drills on for twenty seconds. The switchboard is gradually sped up beyond the victim's reaction time..

The Film

  • The rape scene with Cloquet, in the form of a giant centipede with an Uncanny Valley version of the man's face, and poor Kiki who's ripped apart and bleeding as Cloquet violates him while a drugged but horrified Bill watches before fleeing.
  • Fooling around with an attractive woman is sexy. But while you're being humped by a misshapen...thing that is actually, or used to be, your typewriter (which, beforehand, grew a phallus after erotica is typed on it)? Not so much.
    • Worse, the production crew referred to the thing as "The Sex Blob."
  • The positively squick-y scene in the den where people suck semen from the teats of large insects. Yuck, just yuck.


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