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Nightmare Fuel / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie

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  • A featurette detailing the making of this movie was included on the VHS of The Pagemaster. Everything goes just fine until the ending, where there's a sudden close-up of the villainous Ivan Ooze laughing at you. It then cuts to an eerie shot of the Power Rangers in profile, barely lit and with tense orchestral music playing, before a lightning bolt suddenly strikes.
  • Ivan Ooze is equally as scary, despite being more camp than Lord Zedd was at the time: in one scene where the kids of Angel Grove are partying down with Ivan's Ooze while their parents are mindlessly wandering to the quarry to "leap to their doom". Said Ooze was advertised and sold by Ivan while wearing an outfit reminiscent of that worn by Merlin in Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders.
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  • The "leap to our doom" thing deserves special mention. Once he'd gotten the brainwashed citizens to complete his Humongous Mecha, he ever so casually tells them to go kill themselves and dismisses them without a thought; they go to do so with no hesitation, hell bent on carrying out the command with nothing anyone can do to stop them.
  • Here, we learn that the stuff above Zedd's crown, tiara thing, isn't more exposed muscle, but an exposed, pulsating brain.
  • Zordon outside of his tube: the bold mentor transformed into a frail, helpless old man.


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