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Fridge / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie

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Fridge Brilliance

  • It seems a bit silly that the Ninjamegafalconzord's "in case of emergency" button initiates a Groin Attack, right? But then again, it's actually very appropriate for the Power Rangers. They all about Honor Before Reason, so it makes sense that they wouldn't use a Groin Attack except in the most dire circumstances.

Fridge Logic

  • A news report reports that all the parents in Angel Grove mysteriously disappeared at once. Didn't anyone notice a huge crowd of hypnotized people marching through the streets?
    • The city was already evacuated when they showed up. Previously, the victims were all confined to the factory and the construction site.
  • How did the Tengu know exactly where the Rangers were on Phaedos, and then exactly where Ivan was when they reported back?
    • Ooze could likely sense the Rangers and told the Tengu where to go, and as the Tengu creator he probably had a way for them to find him when their mission was done. A better question would be how the Tengu managed to fly all the way to Phaedos in roughly the same time it took the Rangers to teleport there.
  • How did Ivan know about the Black Plague, Spanish Inquisition, etc. when he was trapped in that egg?
    • He must have read about them. Hence why he complained about missing out.
  • Why did the Rangers wait until night to inspect the construction site? For that matter, why did they have to waste time and go to the Command Center for briefing instead of being briefed right there? I mean, they had just skated through it.
    • They were already far from there when they were summoned to the Command Center.


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