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Funny / Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

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  • Paul Freeman's deliciously hammy performance of Ivan Ooze makes up the bulk of the film's humor...
  • When Lord Zedd releases Ivan Ooze from his prison, he poses this question to him:
    Zedd: Do you recall the name Zordon of Eltar?
    *Ivan gives Lord Zedd a Death Glare and gives a Skyward Scream while showering purple lightning on the surrounding area*
    Mordant: I think he's heard of him.
  • Upon Ooze's release, Rita immediately begins hitting on him, calling him handsome. Ooze appears genuinely flattered and thanks her for the compliment. Later, when Rita says "finally, a real man!", Zedd has an utterly defeated sigh.
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  • Ivan Ooze's response when Tommy introduces the team.
    Tommy: "We're the Power Rangers!"
  • Ivan's reaction just before they show up is gold, too.
    Ivan: "What is that odious stench? Smells like...teenagers."
  • Rita and Zedd being shrunk down to a couple of inches tall and placed into a snowglobe by Ivan definitely qualifies.
    Rita: "Earthquake! Earthquake!"
    • Taken further when Rita and Zedd are shown on the surface of the moon during the climactic battle between Ivan and the Ninja MegaFalconzord, still in the snowglobe and cheering for the Rangers.
    • Lord Zedd's reaction when Ivan oozes Rita's mouth shut.
    "Finally, someone shuts her up!"
  • Adam's reaction to the Frog being the animal his new powers are taken from, after the rest of the team at this point had received imposing animals such as the Ape, Wolf and Bear.
    • It becomes even more funny when one notes the irony that he has the MOST appropriate animal as a ninja (yes, more than the mammals and birds of his teammates), thanks to the classic tale of Jiraiya pretty much associating ninja and frogs/toads. And Jiraiya being the heir of a destroyed noble family means that he's a frog prince.
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  • Bulk & Skull protesting that it was them, not the Rangers, who saved Angel Grove.
    Skull: "Power Rangers"?!
    Bulk: Bulk and Skull!
  • "I am King Goldar! The ruler of the universe!" How long had he been waiting to say that?
    • And it didn't last very long.
    • Made better by the opening line to the song in the credits, "Trouble" by Shampoo: "Uh oh. We're in trouble."
    Goldar and Mordant: Uh oh!
  • Goldar's remarks to the hypnotized parents are funny.
    Goldar: *To one parent* You there! Let's show a little initiative! *To another* And you, *melodically* get your rear in gear!
  • Ivan Ooze (to the hypnotized parents): "Frankly, I am sick of your ugly faces and your dull personalities."
  • Goldar's reaction to the Zords. He knows once they appear that the bad guys are screwed, and flees from Ivan.
  • "Oh, here comes that cute little Pink Ranger to the rescue!" "Oh, you think she's cute too, huh?" Hearing that from Goldar of all people, combined with just the way he says it, even makes Ivan stop for a second to reboot.
    • And when Ivan goes One-Winged Angel by merging with one of his monsters, Goldar's reaction?
    Goldar: Go get em, boogerman! Wahoo!
  • The Rangers morph, perform coordinated backflips and strike a heroic pose to discover...that the Mooks have used the time to clear out and set up an ambush.
    • Made better by the epic morph sequence set to a full orchestra and choir performance of the Power Rangers theme... just to reveal the empty construction site. You can almost hear the Rangers thinking "Hey! Transformation Is Supposed To Be A Free Action! What the hell?"
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  • The Bavarian Fire Drill that Bulk and Skull pull when they land at the construction site; "We are...from the Angel Grove Building Inspector's office!"
    Skull: "That building's supposed to be over there!"
  • As Ivan is destroying the Command Center, he goes through the things he missed:
    Ivan: The Black Plague! *ZAP*
  • Right after Zedd put the guards back to sleep.
    Mordant: I could do that, I just choose not to.
    Goldar: Zip your lip!
  • The method by which the Rangers disengage their Megazord from Ivan Ooze and the fact that the Zord has such a button in the first place. In fact, the fact that it's behind glass marked "FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY" qualifies in and of itself.
  • "Tommy, get your butt down here!"
  • The Rangers are walking through a dinosaur bone orchard.
    Aisha Campbell: "Very funny, Adam."
  • After the Rangers' new Zords destroy the Scorpitron, all of them slowly approach the Hornitron next. The Hornitron looks to the camera whimpering with its mandibles chattering in fear.
  • When the Tengu Warriors first attack the Rangers, one of them flies and crashes into a huge stone and is knocked out.
  • Tommy riding on a giant skeletal creature, when he removes one of its vertebrae, the head falls apart and so does the rest of the creature, causing Tommy to fall. His reaction is priceless.
    Tommy: Huh? Whoa!
  • The audio guys must have had fun with the unmorphed fight against the Oozemen. Highlights include the loud PANG when Adam throws open the door to a backhoe into an Oozeman's face and another Oozeman audibly farting when Kimberly's kick drops it on its ass.
    • The whole unmorphed fight in general is just a campy delight. The corny one-liners are very frequent.
      Adam (throwing the aforementioned backhoe door open): Here, let me get the door! *PANG*
      Aisha (performing a Put Their Heads Together on a pair of Oozemen): Kiss and make up!
      Billy (delivering a finishing punch to a downed Oozeman, getting ooze on his fist): *shakes his head* You ooze, you lose.
    • And then at the end, when Kimberly and Billy have to get to safety, they don't run out, instead opting to perform a huge amount of backflips. Why? No reason. Perhaps running was too boring?
      Kimberly: See ya! *performs the aformentioned backflips*
      Billy (appearing out of nowhere doing the exact same thing): Right behind ya, Kimberly!
  • A joyous Zedd opens up Ivan's egg, after 2,000 years of search, and Rita looks to find nothing but glowing purple slime.
    Rita: What?! You spend 2,000 years looking for a tub of snot?!
    Zedd: Patience, motor mouth! Watch!
  • When Ivan first enters the Command Center, Alpha tries to fight him off with a very poorly executed backhand. Ivan just stands there and No Sells the attack with a classic "You've got to be kidding me!" look on his face.
  • After Ivan tells Goldar and Mordant that he intends to recruit the parents of Angel Grove to dig up his giant robots for him, Mordant questions how he'll convince the humans to go along with it.
    Ivan: You forget, I'm a master of disguise.
    Mordant: How could I forget? I never knew.
    • This is immediately followed by a Gilligan Cut to Ivan in a Paper-Thin Disguise that somehow manages to fool everyone except Zordon and Alpha.
    • Plus, no one is aware of his existence since he's been imprisoned for 6,000 years.
  • Behind the scenes, Johnny Yong Bosch tells a story of a stunt mishap on set, where Jason David Frank asked him to "spot him" as he repeatedly ran up a tree and backflipped off. After several rounds, where he would always flip after the third step, he said "I'm gonna keep going". Johnny assumed he meant more rounds...until he sees him still running up the tree and then falling face first to the ground. In what could easily be a Looney Tunes comedy bit, Johnny casually steps aside to let the White Ranger hit the ground. While he was uninjured, he did get a few cuts on his face; requiring a double to do his roller blading in that scene (which is why Tommy is only seen from behind or at the back of the group).