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Nightmare Fuel / Magical Girl Raising Project

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Unsurprisingly, a series that has magical girls suffering and killing each other in a battle royale has nightmarish content.

Magical Girl Raising Project

  • In beginning of the anime, a horrible demonic creature faces a lone magical girl in a room filled with corpses... not scary at all.
    • Made even worse with context. This demonic creature slaughtered every single one of those girls, leaving one very disturbed and traumatized girl left to deal with this thing. After having watched her friends mutilated, burnt, and maimed, the result is a girl with horrific PTSD, fed further by the persuasion of a certain black and white mascot.
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    • Also, while the Anime's version is a ghostly monster, the manga version is another thing entirely.
  • In all of the first arc, a good source of nightmare fuel would have to be Cranberry, the Forest Musician.
    • She attacks Winterprison in a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown without so much as a warning. It's only by a small lucky break and Sister Nana's help that Winterprison was able to overpower Cranberry. Even then, she wasn't strong enough to beat her, so they left. Cranberry could've killed them, but she chose to let them go.
    • Brutally and mercilessly beats up a 14 year-old (granted, he's in his Magical Girl form). Killing La Pucelle so much that apparently newspaper reports mention that he was killed by being hit with a truck.
    • Her bloodlust in general. She's performed more of these tests. This isn't even the first one.
  • The death of La Pucelle is itself pretty scary if you think about it. Even more since it happens off-screen. The most you know about it is that newspaper reports that found his body report that he was killed because he was hit by a truck. The amount of wounds that would need to happen for the authorities to mistake that is gruesome. Doubly so when you remember that he's just 14 years old.
    • Really puts an emphasis on Cranberry's bloodlust and sadism. The fact that she used her bare hands against his gigantic sword should show you how skilled and scary she is as a fighter.
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    • The anime adaptation reveals that Cranberry delivered the killing blow by shoving him in the way of an oncoming truck, after he reverted to his powerless civilian self. How badly he was beat up to be unable to prevent that, though, is another story.
  • Hardgore Alice is a source for these
    • The end of Chapter 4, and animated beautifully in Episode 6 of the anime. Hardgore Alice approaches Snow White, but is beheaded by Magicaloid's Razor Wire. As Magicaloid moves to kill Snow White as well, a surge of blood erupts from her chest, where it is shown that Alice's still-moving yet headless body has impaled Magicaloid.
    • Zombie Western shows us Hardgore Alice's incredible durability, as she's shot to pieces, blown to bits, burnt, doused in sulfuric acid, and drowned while being covered in cement. And she still survives. This entire scene was adapted into Episode 7 of the Anime as well.
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  • Calamity Mary shows just how frightening a Magical Girl like her can be when she starts shooting cars (and people) in a highway just to draw in a fleeing Top Speed and Ripple in order to kill them. If you thought she was simply a ruthless and edgy take, this act puts her past the Moral Event Horizon. And her backstory doesn't show any sympathy either, with her past as an abusive mother, and Fav playing to her bloodlust when he made her a Magical Girl.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart

  • Being chosen as the Demon Lord/Traitor is a scary thought in itself. You may be nice or innocent, but if you ever want to survive, you'll be forced to kill the others. If the others want to survive, they have to kill you.
  • Just the sheer fact that Cranberry has orchestrated so many battle royales, not just the one we see in the first book. That's a lot of dead hopes and dreams.
  • Pfle and Shadow Gale's selection test. Courtesy of the one and only Cranberry. This test was far worse than the one we got to witness in the 1st Arc. Pfle and Shadow Gale's test involved not 16, but 100 Magical Girls, all fighting for survival.
    • Pfle also managed to manipulate 98 of those girls to kill each other. All by playing with their emotions and hitting the right buttons.
    • Pfle's willingness to manipulate 98 other girls to kill each other simply so she could save Shadow Gale's life.
  • The death of Miyokata is particularly unpleasant to read. She gets possessed by a demonic creature, and it's implied that her insides have been torn apart, ripped, and generally destroyed with mutilating agony. The demon then escapes via vapors from her mouth and nose. Ouch...

Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited

  • For Kuru-Kuru Hime, she's living out her worst nightmare. Her students are asked to fight a seemingly powerful opponent by someone she doesn't even know, most of them agree completely, and if she wants to keep them safe, she'll have to fight alongside them.
  • Pukin and Sonia Bean have some moments.
    • After Pukin was recruited, she non-chalantly decapitates two of Tot Pop's soldiers, just because she can.
    • Pukin also has no remorse for anyone disobeying her, as shown when she slits an old man's throat for running away when she told him to stay put.
    • When they first arrive in B-City, their first course of action is to secure a car. They do this by having Sonia chase a lone driver in the middle of the night, running side-by-side with the car, as she thrusts her arm in the window, and snaps his neck. That driver was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    • Pukin's rapier is a source of nightmare fuel for whoever is hit, as during the effects of the mind control, your brain retains its memory if you ever get freed.
  • The idea that someone like Pythie Frederica could be watching you without you realizing it, and she could attack you any time she wants.
  • Hana and Funny Trick's Cold-Blooded Torture at the hands of Pythie's group. Particurlar highlights include when Pukin tests if Hana's animal ears are jamming her Royal Rapier through one of them.
  • Sonia Bean is pretty scary when you realize that nothing you ever throw at her can actually hurt her.
  • The final fight. The whole sequence. Can also be a Moment of Awesome for some characters.
    • Going up against someone like Pukin, who you know is batshit insane, on a whole other level than you, and is way more experienced than you can hope for
    • "Uh, guys... her stats suddenly got an increase"
    • Pukin still fighting after the right half of her face was blown off
    • She keeps going even after the lower half of her body was blown off as well
    • Being blown up from inside-out doesn't sound very pretty either, regardless of who you are.

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