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Souta is Ripple
This whole time Souta isn't actually La Pucelle, however he was Ripple the whole time.
  • Jossed.

Nemurin is The Chessmaster of the entire series.
Don't be fooled by Nemurin's seemingly innocent looks, she was the one who suggested Swim Swim to kill Ruler and take her place, she seeded the relationship between Masked Wonder and Lazuline II, and she was the one who helped Hardgore Alice find Snow White. In fact, one can speculate that Nemurin dying first is a part of her plan. Maybe Nemurin isn't even dead as we all at first had expected.

Maybe Nemurin is only dead in the waking world. She earned a lot of candies in the dream world. Who's to say she doesn't still exist, fighting dream monsters, and incepting everyone? Fav said the dream candies weren't useful in the waking world, but didn't say anything about how they might be useful in the dream world.

  • Partially jossed. Nemurin is still alive in the dream world. However, she doesn't have a crucial role in the other arcs (besides helping Masked Wonder train).

Magicaloid 44 is Calamity Mary's daughter.
In the novel, it's stated that Calamity Mary had a daughter, whom she considered weak (and is implied to have abandoned/neglected); Makoto, in the anime, changes subjects when it comes to talking about her parents. Since neither of their identities were revealed in the novel, it's not known if they're related or not; but in the anime, the truth could be revealed. Besides, both got randomness as their theme (Magicaloid with her powers and Calamity Mary with her way to deal with things), and while Magicaloid 44's surname's kanji (Andou) doesn't fit her character a whole lot, it fits Calamity Mary's.

Alternately, Ripple is Calamity Mary's daughter.
All that drama with her mother couldn't be without reason, right? And considering they're going to fight against each other, it adds to drama. Of course, this could be jossed by the fact they don't have the same voice actress, but still...
  • Jossed, Ripple's mother and Calamity Mary are two different characters.

Cranberry and Fav wrote the lyrics for Sakebe (Unmarked's anime opening), and forced Ripple to sing it.
According to Magical Daisy's short story in Episodes, Cranberry and Fav wrote down the lyrics for Magical Daisy's opening. It makes sense to assume that those two might have done this for some time, thus it's possible that Cranberry and Fav wrote the lyrics for Sakebe. After that, Cranberry and Fav who needed a singer, saw the new magical girl Ripple; and decided it may be a good way for Ripple to get into the magical girl business. That, or Top Speed made Ripple do it.

Cranberry is an Eldritch Abomination from another dimension.
As Fav said, Cranberry originated from the World of Magic. If what Fav said is to be believed, perhaps Cranberry is an Eldritch Abomination that originated from the World of Magic, and the selection test was for more than just to sate Fav and Cranberry's bloodlust.

Puk Puck's human form is a fat middle-aged loser who lives in his mother's basement.
Because that'll be a good twist.
  • Jossed, as per Pukin's side story Puk Puck's been alive for far over a century.

Pythie Frederica was Big Smoke in a previous life.
After resenting for the sins he has committed in her previous life as Big Smoke, he is later reincarnated and his reincarnation soon becomes the magical girl called Pythie Frederica, his previous life is why Pythie is so obssessed with finding the ideal magical girl.
  • Jossed, as shown in QUEENS Pythie Frederica's real form is a officer woman in her 30's named Yoshioka.

This anime takes place in a world where deconstruction series never took off.
Given the Girl-Show Ghetto mentality of Souta's classmates, it seems that series deconstructing such a light-hearted and feelgood genre, or even mixing it with another seemingly-incompatible genre, didn't pan out on this Earth. Which means no Madoka Magica, no Lyrical Nanoha.

Ratsumukanahonomenokami's power is Time Stop.
So far, 2 out of the 3 Sages has shown their power, this only left Ratsumu to show her power, and taking into count that the other 2 have totally broken powers, it is obvious that Ratsumu will have a broken power too.

Grim Heart is still alive.
Are you telling me that the person with the power to no sell everything died in a plane accident? Yeah, I don't believe that bullshit.

Nemurin is the First Mage.
She has godlike powers.

Princess Deluge will become the Fourth Lapis Lazuline.
Well, she is a blue magical girl...
  • Taking into count that The Third Lapis Lazuline is Blue Bell Candy, it would make sense for Deluge to go with her.

Ripple would one day gain a prosthetic arm and switch her weapon into a BFS
Specifically, an Arm Cannon with an in-built rapid firing crossbow, and a weapon too thick, too heavy to call it a sword, it's more like a hunk of iron.

Touta is going to survive Breakdown, but the other new characters won't.
It is clear that Mana, Clantail, Mei and 7753 are going to survive, but just think about Touta, all things are pointing this kid is going to survive too.

And after surviving, he will appear in the main series, having Took a Level in Badass turning into a Mage and having Survivor Guilt shown by the fact he keeps Margarite's sword.


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