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  • Casting Gag:
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Swim Swim has many of them: "Swim 2", "Waifu Killer", "Swimming Swimming", etc.
    • You'll be hard pressed to find people on /a/ who don't call Pythie Frederica "Hairfag" due to her obsession with collecting and playing with hair.
    • For actually being a boy turned into a Magical Girl, some call La Pucelle "Trapucelle" or "Boipucelle" despite being biologically female when transformed.
    • Calling Ripple "Cripple" after she lost one arm and one eye during her battle with Swim Swim.
    • Top Speed being called "Top Mom" for actually being pregnant.
    • With that appearance, is not impressive that Magicaloid 44 is usually called "Robot Hatsune Miku".
    • Puk Puck gained the nickname "Pancake" for dying being crushed by the device left by the First Mage.
  • Meaningful Name: A lot of the characters have names that are references to something or another.
    • Magical Girl Raising Project
      • Snow White: Her real name, Koyuki Himekawa, with "yuki" meaning snow.
      • La Pucelle: A reference to Joan of Arc, probably best known for dressing as a man, as La Pucelle is actually male.
      • Ripple: Her last name, Sazanami. Also the one to kill Swim Swim, making her a 'ripple' in the water.
      • Hardgore Alice: Aside from the hardgore side, she also named herself Alice due to wanting a fairytale name like Snow White.
      • Cranberry: More of a reference to Snow White's possible fate. Her design is exactly the opposite of Snow, and unripe Cranberries are white as snow as well. Snow White is possibly an unripe Cranberry.
      • Nemurin: Nemu = Sleep
      • Ruler: Her last name, Mukou, has the Kanji for "King".
      • Tama: Her last name, Inubouzaki, has the character for "dog" in it. What animal does her magical girl outfit remind you of?
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    • Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart
      • Pechika: Pechka (russian for "Stove") + Chika (her real name). Since Yen Press' translation changed her name to just Pechka, the second part of this pun sadly gets Lost in Translation.
      • Rionetta: Takes the "Rionett" part from Marionette.
      • Shadow Gale: Her real name, Mamori, was given due to her role as Pfle's protector, and her shadow. The Gale part also refers to Florence Nightingale, a famous nurse. Now what is Shadow Gale's outfit remind you of...?
      • Pfle: Pflege is German for caring. She shows extreme care towards those she considers her family.
      • Melville: A reference to Herman Melville, of Moby Dick fame. Her real name, Mashiro Kuji, contains Shiro, meaning White, and Kuji, an incomplete Kujira (Whale). She also has a harpoon, seeks revenge, and is killed by a gigantic monster.
    • Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited
      • Pythie Frederica: Pythia, an Oracle of Delphi, who uses crystal balls and whatnot.
      • Tot Pop: A pun on Tottoto, or fast and quick, due to her personality.
      • Tepsekemei: Hotepsekhemwy, an Egyptian ruler who united the two Kingdoms. Also, Mei is an Egyptian Turtle.
      • Pukin: Pumpkins, and pumpkin knights.
      • Sonia Bean: Sawney Bean, an infamous cannibal from Scotland.
      • Hana Gekokujou: Gekokujou is a Japanese term meaning someone of lower status surpassing a higher status person. Hana, who works under Mana, is a Magical Girl, far surpassing her in abilities.
      • Mao Pam: Mao is Japanese for Demon King/Overlord.
    • Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS
      • Prism Cherry: Her last name, Kagami, means mirror, and her power revolves around mirrors.
      • Pure Elements: Every one of them references a disaster related to their element. Deluge, Inferno, Tempest, and Quake.
      • Filuru: Fil = French word meaning thread.
      • Uttakatta: Utakata = Japanese word meaning bubbles.
    • Magical Girl Raising Project: ACES
      • Monoshiri Mi-chan: "Monoshiri Mi" means "Know-It-All", which is exactly what she is.
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  • What Could Have Been:
    • Lapis Lazuline was supposed to be the daughter of Calamity Mary, but it never became canon.
    • Pfle was meant to be an antagonist and die during Restart, while Lapis was meant to survive. Since many of his friends told him how many different things he could with Pfle's character, he let her live and killed Lapis instead.
  • The Wiki Rule: Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Wiki

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