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  • At the end of Episode 4, how did Ruler's death become bloodied? When she lost by having the least candy, she supposed to die from having her magic taken away, so where does the gore come from?
    • They don't die from their magic being taken away. Fav kills them, like when Nemurin died, she lost her magic and then Fav just did whatever he does to kill them. Same with Ruler. Normally, when a magical girl fails whatever tests the land of magic official gave her (in this case Fav and Cranberry) they just take away her memories of being a magical girl and have their powers taken away. Fav explains all of this on episode 12. -kite21
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    • We also saw that Calamity Mary was there and she had a weapon. Maybe she shot Ruler?
      • Mary was never there. It was probably hard to process from how the episode structured it, but that was a flashback.
    • Nemurin was asleep when the deadline passed which wouldve it easier for Fav to kill her. Unlike Nemurin, Ruler was awake and could've tried to defend herself, leading Fav to go overboard with the kill.
    • I always assumed that the Peaky Angels attacked Ruler once it was revealed she was in last place, mostly due to their bragging over Ruler's corpse and the fact they are vocal about their dislike with Ruler. It wouldn't be out of character for them to do so, even more considering that their powers allow them to become any weapon they want. Fav just enabled them to get their revenge. Ruler could had defend herself but she must had either depowered/forgot to transform or her powers weren't good enough to deal with the twins. That or she accepted her death at their hands considering that there didn't seem much of a struggle.
  • Is Pfle sick or not? They said she had some kind of illness, but we saw her walking during Restart, and it is not that she can only walk as magical girl, since the one we saw walking was Kanoe.
    • Pfle has some kind of disease that degraded her eye, so that's why she wears an eyepatch. Her legs have nothing to do with it.
  • In episode 10, Swim Swim manages to kill Hardgore Alice by stabbing her in powerless human form and allowing her to bleed out. However, at the time Alice still had the lucky rabbit's foot in possession, which is supposed to grant the user good luck in a pinch. In the final episode, said rabbit's foot ends up reviving Ripple who had lost her arm to Swim Swim, the same injury that killed Weiss Winterprison. So it seems odd that the foot wouldn't grant similar luck to Alice, allowing her to pull through enough for her transform into her Magical Girl form and heal herself.
    • She tried to transfer it to Snow White. The luck it gave was likely the ability to transfer it in that condition.

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