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Tear Jerker / Magical Girl Raising Project

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It's a series about a cast of Magical Girls forced into a Deadly Game. Of course there are going to be plenty of heart wrenching moments.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Magical Girl Raising Project/The Anime

  • In Episode 2 of the anime, Nemurin's death. The episode shows Snow White and Nemurin becoming friends, as well as showing her to be a genuinely nice person. As Nemurin is chosen she says her goodbyes to everyone, and promises Snow White to read about her on the aggregator. Once she signs off, and discovers she still has her powers, she enters the dream of a girl who wants to serve a princess, and tells her to try and be one herself. Then the clock hits midnight, the scene fades to black, and then cuts to her bedroom, where her mother finds Nemurin's lifeless body. The delivery of her mother's lines upon discovering her makes the scene even worse.
  • In Episode 6, La Pucelle's death, big time. While fighting Cranberry, he gets absolutely outclassed in by her Lightning Bruiser abilities, and is about to be finished off. Then, he dodges the attack, and delivers his speech about why he became a magical girl, and how he'll never accept someone like Cranberry as one, ending with him cleaving through Cranberry. It seems like Cranberry was bested by him, then she smirks, grabs La Pucelle while he's distracted by the sirens, and kills him by throwing him in front of an oncoming truck. This is where the show proves that Anyone Can Die.
    • Bonus points for The Reveal that any death satisfies the drop out for the week truly setting the Deadly Game in motion.
    • The Ship Tease between him and Snow White serves to twist the knife in deeper.
    • In the novels, La Pucelle's fight wasn't even shown. We skipped immediately to his death's announcement after the opening talk scene. The rest of the Chapter focuses on how Snow White deals with it.
  • Episode 8 begins marks the true beginning of the Deadly Game, with a resounding start to boot.
    • Winterprison's death. While the whole meeting between Nana/Winterprison and Swim Swim's group reeked of a trap, they still believed it would help prevent any bloodshed as a result of La Pucelle's death. Then Yunael and Minael stab Winterprison while disguised as Nana. Winterprison then locks Nana out with a wall, kills Yunael, and starts to focus on Minael when Swim lops Winterprison's arm off, killing her. Nana's whimpers as she realizes Winterprison is going to die don't help, as she truly sounds like someone who knows her love isn't going to survive.
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    • Yunael's death also counts. While she and Minael may not have been heroic per se, the two were still inseparable. Minael's wails after Winterprison kills Yunael make even this small victory feel empty.
  • The biggest tearjerker Episode 9: Top Speed's death. Coming off of the victory that was killing Calamity Mary, Top Speed goes to give Ripple a high five, then moves into a hug. Ripple sees Swim Swim behind Top Speed, and realizes she's been stabbed. This manages to make Ripple furious, going after Swim in a frenzy as a result.
    • And that's not even the end of it. As Ripple pulls back Top Speed's cloak, she finds out Top Speed was pregnant, finally explaining her comments about only needing to survive for 6 more months. Ripple simply breaks down at this discovery.
  • Blaming herself for Winterprison's death, Nana commits suicide with the scarf she got for Winterprison.
  • Episode 10: Alice's death. After Snow White breaks down following the announcement of the number allowed to survived has been cut to 4, she says there are no magical girls left in town. The next day, Swim Swim tracks down Alice's real form thanks to Minael disguising herself as Alice's stuffed bunny. After surviving her first attack, Alice runs, trying to find a safe place to transform, sadly, Swim finds her, and fatally wounds her. Snow White manages to hear Alice's thoughts, and finds her, where Alice tells her that there is a magical girl, so long as Snow lives, before dying in her arms.
    • And all of this was after Alice finally found a reason to live. After her backstory explaining she thought she was good to nobody, Snow White saying she's her friend finally gave her the reason she needed.
  • Episode 11 may not have been near as sad, but Tama's death was still senseless. After killing Cranberry and finding Swim Swim in her normal form, Swim promptly transformed again, and coldly slit Tama's throat with her halberd.
    • It's arguably worse in the Light Novel, as Tama gets decapitated, not just have her throat slashed.
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    • The anime shows her backstory immediately after. She was a poor-performing student who is often scolded by her mother for her failures while witnessing her younger siblings getting awarded for their successes in school. Her only emotional refugee was her understanding grandmother, but then she passed away. To cope with her loneliness, she played the magical girl app until she was chosen to be a magical girl.
  • The ending of Episode 12. After 11 episodes of Snow White going through emotional hell, she gives up on her original view on how magical girls are, and meets with Ripple to learn how to fight.
    • Before that, the fight between Swim and Ripple. After Ripple finally kills Swim, with Ripple having lost her arm in the fight, Ripple weakly stabs Swim's lifeless body, before asking Top Speed if she's angry with her, and then bleeding out. Even Ripple managing to get revenge on Swim is ruined by this. Thank god for that rabbit's foot reviving her.

Arc 1.5: Snow White Raising Project

  • The argument between Snow White and Ripple tore both parties apart. After what they endured in the killing games, they have a huge fight when Ripple refuses to train Snow White in combat, despite Snow White wanting her hardest to improve physically, causing a rift between both, as Snow White continues to search for ways to become stronger.
    • The guilt trip that Ripple got from Pythie Frederica didn't help Ripple either.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart

  • Nokko-Chan
    • Forced to become the Demon Lord, she has to kill the other 15 participants if she hopes to be able to save her mother, despite only wanting to make people happy.
    • It's made even worse in the end, when after being found out, and the final three agreeing, she commits suicide in order for the others to win the game.
  • Pechika's death scene. Even the author states that this was the most heartbreaking scene in the entire series. Made even worse is the fact that Clantail lives on and learns to cook to continue Pechika's legacy.
    • Pechika dying also means that she left behind her little brother. Who knows how they'll handle her death?

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