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Nightmare Fuel / Human Trafficking

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As one of Lifetime's darkest films, it does not shy away from the gritty, realistic world of sexual slavery.

  • Sergei Karpovich. Aside from being very much a Truth in Television, the man has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and has not a shred of conscience or remorse for any of the atrocities that he and his people commit. For example, the fact that he can have someone murdered halfway across the world with one phone call displays how ridiculously powerful he is. Also something of note: if it weren't for his two fatal flaws, greed and being so paranoid about the loyalty of his employees, you'd have to wonder how long it would have been before he was ever caught.
  • Helena's captivity began because she fell for a man she thought was a nice guy but was really one of the traffickers. When he dropped her off at the house, she first encounters a bunch of strange, burly men and some young women crouched on the floor crying. When she tries to make a run for it, she is held by one of the men as she cries desperately for Frédéric, who walks away (and never receives any punishment as far as we see) and she is then brutalized and then raped.
    • Her death. As she was able to secure the safety of her Aunt and daughter and end up herself in a safe house, things looked promising for her, but then she begins to see something outside from the balcony and begin to excitedly tell Kate, who was in another room and begged her not to go outside, she begins screaming "It's the same thing!" and is suddenly shot in the head. The last image of the first part is Kate cradling her body and sobbing.
  • Just about everything that happens to Nadia. Being duped into thinking that she will become an internationally famous model, she unwittingly is thrown in the world of sexual slavery. At one point, she tries to run and would have escaped if not for Sergei's Dragon tackling her. Other points of torture include watching one of his henchmen brutally murdered in front of her, being left heartbroken by news of Helena's murder to the point she almost commits suicide and being gang-raped on camera.
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  • The life and eventual fate of Annie's Vietnamese friend. While the former was kidnapped and forced into slavery, the latter was sold by her father into the world. A short while later, she gets really sick with an infection, which alarms Annie as she begs Tommy to get her help, to which he and his partner take her outside, summarize that she is of no more use to them since she's sick and contagious, and kill her while a horrified Annie watches helplessly from a window.
  • Kate's own Rape as Backstory is a combination of this and Tear Jerker. After rescuing Helena, she confides in her her own past how she came from a big Russian family and how they all had a family reunion every year and at one of the gatherings when she was twelve, her favorite Uncle forced himself on her. At one point, she admitted that she not only was crying out for her father to save her which he never did but also told her Uncle that he was hurting her, to which he replied, "Good. I want to hurt you." She then told her father what happened, only for him not to believe her and to call her a "dirty girl", and the bastard did it again the following year.
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  • The fact that Paranoia Fuel is in full effect here. You can never be sure of whom or what you can trust; if an online dating service will find you your soulmate or lead to a vicious trap, if that modeling agency is a legitimate business, if the "nice guy" who you begin to have feelings for has ulterior motives, how safe are you vacationing in a foreign country with your parents, etc.
  • The scene when Sergei is being interrogated by Meehan alone and as he is about to leave, he goes in the opposite direction (against the agent's protests) where he fixes himself in the two-way mirror and glares down in the direction where Kate is sitting on the other side and smirks at her as she has a worried look on her face. Did he know she was there? This scene was also included in the trailers for the mini-series.
  • The poor girl in the beginning of the first part who commis suicide by jumping out of a window to escape from her captivity. She was no older than fifteen. This also doubles as a Tear Jerker.

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