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Nightmare Fuel / Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

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He's Not Quite Dead, Oh, Crap!!....for a while anyways

  • The trailers imply that the kids are going to risk life and limb multiple times with at least one incident of Helga nearly getting her head taking off by an arrow, a fate only narrowly averted by Arnold's Diving Save.
  • Lasombra proves himself to be an even darker and eviller villain than Scheck!
    • His complete willingness to trap Arnold's classmates in a Nazi-like prison for no other reason than the fact that he only needed Arnold for his evil plan.
    • Lasombra uses one of his goons as a Human Shield to avoid an arrow trap. He eventually leaves all of them to perish under a pile of rubble.
    • When Lasombra climbs back up the cliff he fell off of, with his skin turned zombie-green and attacks the heroes with the dart he was hit with, ranting and raving in delirious fury. Though not for very long, as the dart's poison starts to kick in, and he plummets to his doom for real into the ravine below.
    Eduardo: He died the way he lived...full of poison.