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Nightmare Fuel / Guild Wars

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  • The Madness Titans that make the sounds of pigs or babies squealing as they tear you and your party apart. That and the Dreadspawn Maw found in the Domain of Anguish, which looks like a giant vagina surrounded by teeth and claws that continually moves in and out.
  • Your commanding officer/mentor-friend in Nightfall, Kormir, has her eyes eaten out by a demon fittingly named the Hunger. The same demon who, if you believe local rumors, has been devouring army recruits and hapless villagers left and right.
  • The Realm of Torment. Covered in fleshy walls, random teeth, and at one point you have to cross a bridge made by what seems to be the underbelly of a giant dead centipede. Most of the time, its deathly silent, only making the clicking noise of a giant Torment Claw bursting up behind you twice as terrifying. And the things the spirits trapped down there say...
    "There's a song in the center of the earth, my friend, and it sounds like razors through flesh..."
    • And dare we mention the skies of each domain in the Realm of Torment? The Sky of the Nightfallen Garden is like the sky of a volcanic wasteland, the sky of the Domain of Pain is brownish with a huge moon which makes the flesh covered domain look terrifying, the sky of the Domain of Fear seems overcast with the sun peeking through which makes the dark realm all the more terrifying, the sky of the Domain of Secrets is fog covered and overcast with the sun being barely visible giving the area a dark and disturbing feel, the sky of the Domain of Madness is redish with a green horizon with the most terrifying thing being the red sun. More terrifying than all these places is the sky of the Nightfallen Jahai with images sprawling over a dark sky with the most terrifying thing being the ''black'' sun that's clearly ''emitting'' blackness itself!
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    • And as for each zone they each have specific themes that must be mentioned 1 by 1:
    Nightfallen Garden: A shattered Garden in a mountainous area of black rock with a sky that looks overcast in a way similar to the Ring of Fire Isles
    Nundu Bay Mission: A brown desert filled with bleeding ruptures lined with teeth and the fortress in the area's center has huge eyes lining the inner walls.
    Gates of Torment: A gate that embodies all the horrors of the Realm of Torment:Pain filled areas made from flesh, areas stained with the blood of Madness, jungle areas filled with Terrorweb cobwebs similar to the Domain of Fear, platforms filled with Secrets, twisted ruins from Jahai and finally areas filled with fingers of Anguish!
    Nightfallen Jahai: A grey wilderness with sulpher pits and a black statue the Great Zehtuka calls The Darkness. What's worse there's a river of souls and an Eldritch Sky with a ''black'' sun that's clearly ''emitting'' blackness itself! It's not for nothing you recieve the debuff: Edge of Reason...
    Gate of Pain: A fleshy platform with a heart on one end and a pair of jagged intestines on the other and in the middle of the gate is a rusted iron device presumably meant for torture...
    Domain of Pain: An area which appears to be made of Flesh except the center which is clearly made of black stone. One of the horrifying things of this domain is the fact that there's two literal backs in the back of the Domain of Pain. Even more horrifying is that there seems to be a fleshy monument to Pain itself! The second worst thing in this domain is the fact that there's Leech Tunnels in the front end of the Domain of Pain where the Titans are feeding on the memories of Souls which also happen to be the most likely source of Spears of Torment, the Titan Abominations and the Pain Titans. Did I say that was the second worst? The worst part of the Domain of Pain is the Dreadful Pain that you feel whenever you do anything!!!
    Gate of Fear: A jungle filled with spiderwebs and a couple of giant decapitated Caterpillars which were once slain Gods...
    Domain of Fear: You start at the Vale of Shadows with arachnid-like tendrils hovering over you then you pass over the aformentioned centipede bridge... After passing over this horror you reach a vantage point where you can see a mountain with a claw on top being climbed on by giant caterpillars... After that sight in the distance you reach the huge corpse of the Spider God Arachnia where the exit to this terrifying domain of Primal Fear resides within it's mouth yet to the west of this spider is a desert with the Devourer's Maw in the middle... even further west leads to the Harvestman's Lair: a swamp filled with the corpses of dead Caterpillar Gods and Terrorweb cobwebs... To the east of the dead spider God is a mountainous area where the dead children of Abbadon lay buried with their skulls screaming... In the distance you can see scorpian tails! This Domain is the source of the Heralds of Nightmares, Shadows of Fear and Rains of Terror
    Gate of Secrets: A set of platform lit by a purple light and filled with plinths holding dark Secrets...
    Domain of Secrets: An area of blue ground filled with sulphur bone pits ruled by Margonites and the Shadow Army... There are three especially scary areas namely: 1:the swamp filled with thorns, 2:the Apcryphal Fields which hold plinths holding dark Secrets and more horrifying than this is 3: The Atrocity Library which holds the darkest Secrets of the Realm of Torment...
    Gate of Madness: A skull filled platform slightly stained with Blood...
    Depths of Madness: A mountainous area covered completely with Blood with a grove of trees dripping with the blood of Madness near the entrance. It is the source of the Arms of Insanity and the Words of Madness and is the source of the energy Pain Titans use to split into Madness Titans upon death. The Depths of Madness has cracks in the cliff walls that glow green with sulphur... on the east side is the City of Ar'Challah which holds plinths holding dark Secrets... Near the entrance is a ravine where the only way across is the Screaming Spans which is made with the Skulls of Giants that even after death breath lava which due to the maddening properties of this area don't glow... The Temple of the Six Gods which is across the ravine is a valley filled with Rifts of Chaos. Most maddening of this realm is the fact that the other side of the Domain of Fear's Devourer's Maw lies near the exit(which is the only way to enter the Depths of Madness outside the Gate of Madness mission).
    Gate of Anguish: An area filled with fingers and a headless Caterpillar God's corpse. Also very terrifying in the gate is the fact that there's a spine flanked by giant caterpllars eating it. Another group of caterpillars are found eating something...
    Domain of Anguish: The domain consists of 5 areas: 1: The Stygian Vale which is an area mostly dominated by the Dreadspawn Maw who's spawning tunnels made of flesh and lined with teeth are horrors themselves even without the demons spawning in them. The Dreadspawn Maw's maw itself is horrific due to the eye inside located at the bottom of it's throut not to mention the smothering tendrils surrounding it. 2:Ravenheart Gloom a black almost lightless area with fleshy mounds with eyes in solitary places in the gloom. even more terrifying is the giant with one eye mostly buried under ground with only his head and one hand visable above ground. 3:The Foundry of Failed Creations is an area filled with souls which converts them into Titans through torture! 4:The City of Torc'qua in comparasin is less scary yet the purple lighting gives an eerie feel to the city... 5:The Ebony Citadel of Mallyx is black on the outside and is snowfilled on the inside for those afraid of freezing to death...
    Heart of Abaddon: Caterpillars, witch fingers and obelisks with mouths filled with human incisor teeth fill the area. Deeper in the Heart is an area filled with sharp shark's teeth and deeper still is a blood stained area of Madness! At the end of the area is an area similar to the Devourer's Maw...
    • And dare I even further mention that a huge Spider appears in the Nightfallen Garden, Nightfallen Jahai and the Domain of Fear(in the last area it's only a silhouette which due to being part of the sky art looks much bigger than the actual model)?

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  • The Afflicted.
  • The scarab plague.
  • Fleshreavers are monsters that grow by stealing flesh and grafting it onto themselves.