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  • Actor Allusion: Vekk is voiced by Maurice LaMarche, so don't be surprised if he happens to ask you if you're pondering what he's pondering.
  • Development Gag: White Mantle leader Confessor Isaiah's signature skill Isaiah's Balance reflects an infamous skill nerf by balance team leader Isaiah Cartwright.
  • Poorly Disguised Pilot: Eye of the North focuses its attention on three of the playable races from the sequel while hinting at the Sylvari and the Elder Dragons. The Beyond storylines were designed to reflect the history between the two games, such as restoring the Krytan monarchy and Cantha's turn to xenophobia.
  • Post-Script Season: The Beyond content was created after the stories of the previous campaigns were concluded, with Winds of Change especially standing out due to adding an entirely new story, faction, and enemy. War in Kryta on the other hand mostly tied up the loose ends dealing with Kryta and the White Mantle.
    • Eye of the North can also be considered this. Nightfall neatly wrapped up the meta-story of the three base campaigns. Eye of the North introduced an entirely new enemy and two new races, showed a previously hostile race in a new light, and effectively neutralized a friendly race.
  • Tuckerization: There are over a hundred characters named after ArenaNet staff or community members.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A fourth full campaign, Utopia, was in development before ArenaNet decided to go in a different direction and create a sequel. Some elements were reused in the Eye of the North expansion, particularly evident in the Mayincatec Tarnished Coast region.
    • Beyond had three additional planned storylines that never made it past development due ArenaNet shifting members to focus on the sequel.
      • An Elonian story to complement War in Kryta and Winds of Change, linked to Palawa Joko.
      • The founding of Ebonhawke, which plays a large role in the novels and sequel.
      • A continuation of Mad King Thorn's story dealing with other forces taking advantage of his failed escape.