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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Guild Wars: Nightfall, the surname of the villain (Ossa) is Latin for 'bones'. It's already fittingly creepy for Varesh, but then I remembered that her ancestor was Turai Ossa (who united Elona), and he fought Palawa Joko. Since Joko is a necromancer, he's always trying to control the Bones, and when he succeeds in Guild Wars 2, he rules all of Elona with the undead.
  • Not to mention, Elona and Tyria are connected to one another (in fact, you can even walk into Elona from Tyria and vice versa). But there's a very good reason as to why you can't simply walk have to go through the sulfurous wastes in Elona, which is an instant-kill for anyone. Makes sense that a ship is the best way in. It's even deadlier and more time-consuming than Marco Polo's route to Asia.
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  • The Mantle's chosen who they routinely kill; it's stated that any one of them could have fufilled the Flameseeker Prophecies. Well, what are all the players? Those chosen. The people you find were potential heroes who could of been at the same caliber as your characters!

Fridge Logic

  • How come nobody simply looked north and discovered that there are giants up there? The Ebon Vanguard was already up there, plus Kahmu had also been up there for a little while. Not to mention, it's right next to the Charr Homeland.